Rewarding trading Strategy on Crude Oil | Successful with assured 100% monthly return @ 1 Lot

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This is a Swing trading Strategy on Crude oil, the strategy is based on two Indicator crossover, EMA 9 cross EMA 26. Please watch this video to know how to plot the crossover to make this a profitable one.

If you have any question on the strategy or suggestion, please do write down below the video.

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Sir Any intraday confirm indicator pls mail me I like your video pls send me a hindi


Sir Hindi me dejiye sir
hi sir

Ravi Subramani says:

sir small entry you are avoid to avoid and identify small entry(false) please explain sir..

naveen vajrappa says:

Hi… I have watched this video today itself…. It seems very good strategy .. But you haven't mention anywhere about STOPLOSS… could you please explain that where to set the stoploss…

Jenwin says:

Could you share your PNL Statements. All channels are doing post analysis.,… No one doing real trading…

Ravi Subramani says:

Sir this stragey regular workout?


सर,हिन्दी को देश के 80% लोग समझते हैं।
सर,small crossovers को आप पहले ही कैसे समझ लेते हैं ?? कि यहाँ पर कोई नया पोजीशन नहीं बनाना है ???
हमारे सवाल का सही-सही जवाब देने के लिए आपको बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

Tarun Bansal says:

Sir, it means you have earned more than ? per cent return in month.
I ask this question because of proof it is not a kind of trolling.

nitin chavan says:

Hindi mai bhejo

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