Rick Rule: Extremely Rare & Bullish Trading Pattern in Gold and Silver

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President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Rick Rule says gold, silver, and the US dollar rarely trade how they are trading right now…

Gold, silver, and the US dollar are all trading higher. This trading pattern is extremely bullish for gold and silver, Rule says.

Rule also notes the current strength in the US dollar is not reflective of economic strength. He explains why the US economy is actually weak. In addition, US dollar strength won’t last. With a national debt nearing $20 trillion and unfunded liabilities above $100 trillion, long term there is no practical option out of this debt besides devaluation.


Ben-Campbell Biezanek says:

Most of the 120 trillion of contingent liabilities is effectively asserted in real terms and not dollar terms. Reducing the value of the dollar does not address the problem at all. In fact reducing the value of the dollar only affects the headline debts and only to the extent that these are held outside the banking system. The total amount that can be gained by default is almost trivial in terms of the 120 trillions in negative net present value. In fact the USA cannot afford a move to high price inflation because of the short term deflationary effect of bond market capital losses that will inevitably cause a global systemic credit collapse. The USA economy is itself a Ponzi scheme of artificially raised costs financed by a Ponzi scheme of unredeemable bond ticket issuance. The clinical death of this sovereign issuer can be predicted with 100% confidence. The USA will quite simply cease to exist in exactly the same way that the USSR ceased to exist. Good riddance.

Gonest says:

do you think the copper is going much higher the next 3 years?? i have some uranium stocks, but the japanese are not restarting the reactors quickly.

alpha centauri says:

Look to the Blood Moons and Shita for guidance.

Adam Watts says:

Great interview! 2 generations and 2 absolutely first rate minds. Conversations like this between free thinkers is how we will overcome these problems. Thanks guys.

K Boslice says:

the problem with the unfunded liabilities, is it's basically like saying the present value of a perpetuity, it's not like we owe that 120 trillion dollars today, it's better to say today's current unfunded liabilities and show the rate that it is growing.



mark wilson says:

more bombs and war talk from trump he is a liar and traitor the world is watching i personally despise the us and what they stand for bullying the world not gonna work much longer

LibertyHunt Northwest says:

This is a great interview! Very sober and not over the top like most gold silver economy interviews are. Very common sense. Appreciate the hard work Mr. Johnson

ugly but proud muddy waters says:

Can we stop just talking gold n silver. what about copper, uranium etc…….

Julie Kelliher says:

rick is great to listen too !!! thANKS SILVER DOC

spokewhilehecould says:

Before taking social security –  which is funded essentially at gun point by workers, (extortion) START by cutting the paychecks, pensions and perks of the worthless, insidious, greedy, self-serving politicians! Begin the process with term limits and social security for them instead of their fat pensions and awesome medical insurance.

spokewhilehecould says:

Please put upload date as others on you tube take the video and re upload as a new one and theirs. In the short term this generates your brand recognition but in the long term people like myself will stop watching as who has time to watch a vid half way through to find it was recorded months ago.

Bruce Ridings says:

The problem with social security is the politicians stole the money. They just can't be trusted. Socialized health care? The only people benefiting are the insurance companies in this system. Oh and the jerks in congress because they don't use the crap they are shoveling they have a separate holier than you golden plan.

Hernando Cortez says:

Social security dismissed as an entitlement? Damn straight it's entitled. I've been paying into it since the age of 12. Not my fault the scum in DC have blown the fund on wars and welfare.

Earnest Funship says:

How can smart people say the dollar is doing well? It has done nothing but lose value for 104 years.

D.H.W. Edwards says:

Mr. Rule's closing advice was spot on, brilliant.

nasanction says:

Mr. Rule sounds a little like Carl Sagan with good advice! lol…

Marius Vaiciulis says:

awesome ending, Rick!

Azaan Shah says:

Should I buy 1btc or equivalent value in silver?!?

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