Rob Booker and Lou Basenese Micro Cap Advantage Review

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Rob Booker and Lou Basenese Micro Cap Advantage Review

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Here’s the link I mention in the video to watch a video with Rob Booker & Lou Basanese:

Rob Booker and Lou Basenese released a new product called Micro Cap Advantage – or MCA for short. I got my hands on that product, and in this video:
-I’ll show what exactly this product is.
-What you can expect when you invest in this product.
-And whether this product is for you or not.

What Is Micro-Cap Advantage?:

Micro-Cap Advantage is a research service that gives you specific buy recommendations for micro-cap stocks.

So what the heck ARE micro-cap stocks? – These are companies with market caps of $500 million to $2 billion — and according to Rob and Lou, these companies have outperformed large-cap stocks by a wide margin.

They say that they only focus on investment opportunities with minimum profit targets range from 500% to 1,000% on each trade. Now, that’s a big claim, and in a moment, we will check if they deliver on this bold promise. Let’s take a look at how exactly this service works.

How The Service Works:

Once a month, they publish a report on a new investment opportunity. When the report is ready you will get an email. This email contains a link that will take you to a password-protected area – right here. In this member’s area, you can view and download the latest report.

Let’s take a look at the latest one. It’s an 11-page report, and as you can see, It includes detailed research and data about an investment opportunity. At the bottom, there are instructions on how to invest in it.

Rob and Lou say that the majority of their reports will focus on long-term “buy and hold” investments, so you can expect to hold the stock for a few months, maybe even years.

I think that’s reasonable since they are not looking for price moves of 10% or 20%. They are aiming for 500% to 1,000% windfalls, dos 5x, or 10x the purchase price.

In addition, they also give regular updates on all of the companies they recommend. As you can see, these updates include news about their existing positions so that you know what’s going on together with very specific actions to take.

They also alert you when they recommend selling a position. Let’s take a look at it:

Sell ALERT: 4:50

Ok, so there are some decent gains. But it’s not the 500% – 1000% they are aiming for. So let’s see what their last picks did. I’m checking the SELL ALERTS, and let’s tally it up:

Micro Cap Advantage (MCA) Performance:
-INO: 205%
-ALT: 425%
-VXRT: 300%

As you can see, most of the trades are not reaching the 500% – 1000% that they are claiming but making 200%, 300%, 400% is not bad at all, is it?

And based on my research going through their alerts, I didn’t see any losing trades (yet). Now, as you know: losses are part of your business as a trader, and I’m sure that Rob and Lou will have losses, too. Every trader has. But as long as you keep your losses small, you will be fine.

Is it Worth It?

Now the key question: Is this service right for you? First of all, this service is great for traders with small accounts, because most of the stocks they recommend are priced below $10. So even with a small $500 account, you could trade 50 shares, but you have to say “goodbye” to these $500 for a few months because as you have seen, most of the recommendations require you to hold the stock for several months.

The good news: After a few months, you could double or triple your investment, based on what I have seen thus far.


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Markus Heitkoetter says:

If you want to check out the video that Rob & Lou recorded, it's available here:

Frankline Odongo says:

What are the available means of payment. Do they accept PayPal? Asking for a friend.

Patrick Reid says:

I am really grateful for this review. I am curious, have you reviewed any of prosper trading academy's stuff or raging bull. They dominate my ads. SO I am curious. Though I am admittedly grinding my account up to when it makes sense to get power x. Thanks for ALL the great education you provide and your sunny disposition.

Dániel CSANÁDI says:

I like the new hair cut and the dye! I have a question regarding the powerX strategy. If we apply the last seven day's moving average to the purchase price minus 1,5x and plus 3x it doesn't keep up with the weekly profit target. If we just divide the number of shares with the max loss and profit target it is usually out of the range of your rule. Moreover, it is usually not 2% risk per trade. Could you please advise how to adjust the stop/limit to achive the weekly target AND respect your preferences? Thanks!


What's the different from micro cap advantage and the powerX?

Frank K says:

How much are they selling this program for?

Frank K says:

Like your reviews as long as they are unbiased

Ronald Hurley says:

Thank you for your review!

subhash jangir says:

I Want to start afresh, but how ? Any initial step with low budget?

atatopaul says:

lets check it out

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