Rob Hoffman Cris Judd bring swag to Gangnam Style at WDA ’12

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Rob Hoffman and Cris Judd hosted the 2012 World Dance Awards at the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA this past Sunday, October 14, 2012. The awards show, spotlights choreographers in the entertainment industry with categories such as best commercial choreographer, best music video choreography, etc. During their hosting duties Rob and Cris add a bit of swag to the PSY “Gangnam Style” dance as they took a moment to perform a piece of it on stage. Video was shot by Pacific Rim Video/ produced by Peter Gonzaga. Follow us at and like us at


303430 says:

Ok, who put them up to that!?

Darnesha Pickett says:

Lol they're so damn goofy!!!

Densi r says:

ROB is the best

Lisa Callender says:

Too funny!!

Aye Stilinsxki says:

Haha xD so funny!

spacenudel says:

wow. that was good haha

Kat says:

wow.. that was just hilarious

jaekimpark says:

lol. that was fun. XD

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