Rob Hoffman Dancing!

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At a recent screening of Amanda Byne’s “She’s the Man,” Rob Hoffman, who was on Nick Cannon’s show Wild’n’out on MTV Gave us a taste of his dancing.


blablablah bloo says:

channing was beatboxing!

phdfashionista says:

the people behind him are amanda bynes and channing tatum!!!!

AnonymousGameplays says:

i know i wud lose but i wana battle him anyway

imari craig says:

wow da DANCIN' iz tight

Grey says:

Grr, Grr! Cute as hell

Francesca Brindle says:

ive met him and he's not cocky at all, he's a really nice guy. you have to give off a confident persona when you dance coz lets be fair no one is going to watch someone scared and hunched over are they?

foreveremo says:

he is hot he can dance he can charm he can freestyle he can act he can do everything/anything

Tiffany Choy says:

cool.did u actually go to this?nd how?

noodle089 says:

he kind of looked like he was holding back a little/hestitating somewhat. But maybe it was just that his space was limited because amanda and the rest of the cast seemed like they were sitting kind of close up. Either way he's still a talented dancer.

phdfashionista says:

it is him..he is wearing a hat backwards.
the video quality isnt that good either.

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