Rob Hoffman Experience

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Rob from Wiff Inc.


WildfireWiffler44 says:

i dont think with an arm like this guy has or wiffleboy28

swagger93 says:

@derekbarnes8806 If a major league hitter saw enough wiffle pitches he'd get the hang of it.

Erik Lind says:

we are talking wiffle ball right? kid would get murdered by pros or if he were throwing a baseball.

merovingiannn says:

out him up against real baseball players see how many he gets then,
you don't have a bad throw but look who you have standing on the plate 

Mickeydrews says:

man i wish i lived up north where the leagues are. i play here but i wanna face pitching like this

PAWiffleBall says:

this guy can throw 97mph

thetoy90 says:

songs name is make it rain by fat joe

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