Rob Hoffman In Bag Boy

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Scene Selection Of Rob’s Performance In The Movie BAG BOY


Chamo. B says:

probably short videos

Gab :) says:

3:47 WHAT ?! o,O

TheColieRO says:

So the only good show/movie ge was in was Step Up 2…?

Jonas Razer says:


a. frost toriblack Black says:

always kickin in the balls,in movie take me home tonight, hit him in the balls too ajajaj

a. frost toriblack Black says:

@iMadigan ahahahahah jajaja 3:47

Phan†asmos says:

"Hes got his own action figure! By the way how are they sellin? -Not well. " LOL

MK7001 says:

LoL the end is my favorite

furiaceca says:

can they stop kickin' him in the crotch ???

tathya7 says:

wtf look at the trophy bahahahahah! rob is hilarious in this! gotta watch this one.

Maggie Bryant says:

wat on earth did he say at 3:47 hahahaha

Beatrix Katona says:

nice…is this one of Robert's short videos or is this a real movie?:P

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