Robert Hoffman Dancing Carnival 2011 with Nick Wilson & Tony Bellissimo

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Robert Hoffman music:


Little something we threw together to do after showing the premiere of Dance Assassin 😉

Songs: “Freak On A Leash” by Korn & “Against the Machines (Original Mix) by Datsik & Downlink

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Kristy Willis says:

Pretty cool! Great job guys! I love Tony Bellissimo!❤

Joanna Wilson says:

Is the ass out thing meant to be sexy? Because it isn't, it's actually a bit gross.

Snezana Oljaca says:

Love your soul…it's hurt to look at you while you're dancing.But that's not dance, that's pure emotion.Thank you Robert.

TheGreatslyfer says:

This is probably my favourite choreography of yours.

So aggressive, so on point, looking to get the job done feel to it. Fucking awesome guys!!!!

Mega LovePeace says:

I dont understand the point of the last thing he did

abhijit gojara says:

what was that

Galina Gopchenko says:

watching movies where he acts, never could think that Robert is such a rebel in his choreography…shocked, astonished, but still admire him

kimberly jordan says:

I love that you dance to rock songs and not just hip-hop and dubstep.

Linda says:

Robert is such a good dancer. This video is so awesome. The music is awesome. I wish I could dance like Robert. The dance was very sexy. I love Robert, that´s it #PUNCHROBERTArmy

Jules Blaire says:

Kind of looks like he's pissed at the bald guy taking pics in the front row.

DiUrna AndNocturnatacata says:

the ass?!? teach the ass?!? xD

Axel says:

Not really. He was sharing it's beauty with the world. An ass like that should me embraced, not despised.

beanbutt567 says:

what cruise ship do u work for?

zack ali says:

yo robert did u know wild n out is coming back this year

Lexie says:

This would be one of my favorites "throw togethers".

I would climb up and down Robert and Nick, like it was illegal.

Hey, why doesnt Nick have twitter?

BitchesBeBitching says:

1:21 – 1:31
One of reasons why I find this man amazing.

SmashMac says:

His motif is on another level.

Kira Vogt says:

You're a sick dude! And I love it!! I really want to learn how to dance like that! This is amazing shit!

Dat Vinh says:

This is… art.

Zabuza Ralf says:

HAHAHA, put on mute then puts the music of michel telo

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