Robert Hoffman & His 61 Year Old Mom Dancing

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Taught a class at my moms dance/aerobics center called Dance Trance in Madison Alabama… she just got into it hardcore recently… this was our first time to ever dance together… she’s 61 🙂


D C says:

Wow !!! Go mind !! 61 ??? No way !!!

OffdaRoots says:

God bless them.
She should be casted in the next TERMINATOR as the Mom

Maroonica says:

You are awesome Robert! Hi from Russia 😉

A Fwiend says:

61 years old she can look like she's 30 or 40

Mar P says:


Ronnie 945 says:

oh my gosh! too cute!

pnojazz says:

61 years young! 66 now

shruti mishra says:

Awesome !! Love it ..

Paul Anthony says:

Awesome. Your mom looks great for 61 then. You guys age well.

Jean Blackthorn says:

and in general some people do aged better than others, especially if it's in their genes

Jean Blackthorn says:

but I've seen allot of good looking 60 year olds who have aged really well b/c they've taken care of their bodies and kept healthy….like Sylvester Stallone, Dolph lundgren, Harrison ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger etc….

Jean Blackthorn says:

it has to be some type of plastic surgery b/c there's no way she can be 61 unless she had rob when she's was like 12 years old or something

Beaver 314 says:


natalia liem says:

his mum looks younger than me.. damnnn….

jiaxin wu says:

no kidding, this is gonna be me

Sweeperboy says:

Holy hell…she looks in her forties AT MOST and I don't know many forty-something year olds that can dance like that for so long. Props to the mom.

ATG Assassin says:

LOL very cute

Ricardo Vera says:

that explains why rob looks like hes still 26 but hes almost 40

Valentina S says:

61?!!! She is like 32 lol GUYS lets start doing sport for our life lol!!! Wow! Respect

Fritz Schuck says:

@punchrobert hope to see you dance on movies again.. been repeating step up 2 countless time to see chase around 🙂

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