Robert Kiyosaki Why the Ultimate Stock Market Crash Will Begin in 2016

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Robert Kiyosaki Why the Ultimate Stock Market Crash Will Begin in 2016


Don O (DONON) says:

Another interesting bedtime story… But seriously every time Kiyosaki predicts the stock market falling down it goes the other way and if you have followed him then you would have missed the biggest bull market in history.

Matthew Anderson says:

Trump 2016

Motivation says:

The market has not fallen. When will they withdraw their money?

Donzavier Williams says:

love it you guy's are on it love it keep doing what you do best giving good information

Anti Sheep says:

Rich Dad Poor Dad changed my life 3 years ago! Also read The Science of Getting Rich and the Early Retirement Extreme (blog).

Rachel Holt says:

My view is the low paid who actually do the work, should be paid much more. The comfortable, sheltered, paper shuffling, non-productive, public servant/civil service/teaching overpaid and underworked, useless government pretend jobs should be paid drastically less. I have done both types of work, and that is my conclusion.This economic system is back the front and upside down. Getting paid a living allowance for nothing while unemployed, is better than the cost of going to work and being underpaid for useful work. In this unworkable economic system which is falling apart, what Robert Kiyosaki says is true – you don't get anywhere by working and saving, which in reality is being milked and in debt, like for the purchase of a car to get to work in the first place, and other work costs not passed on to the employer., while your own property gets overgrown and devalued by more than the worker or tradesman is paid. It is called going backwards. So put simply, in this system, work for the secure, over-rated and generously overpaid, useless government, kicking heads of civilians as an authority, though you are really unemployable, because cushiness is all you are good for, OR, work for yourself – thereby saving what it costs to pay someone else at business rates, which is a lot more than you would be paid yourself if you did the same work for someone else under an employer – even though you get no pay for self-work, it is more profitable to you. Also self-worth comes from self-work. So, bugger the system. Peter Holt.

Bruce Mcgrew says:


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