Robert Kiyosaki: Why the Ultimate Stock Market Crash Will Begin in 2017?

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Jerry E says:

Kiyosaki is a joke. All his previous predictions are a joke.

Diarmaid O'hÉineacháin says:

Is not a "reissue" of an interview from April 2016? See YouTube video: "Robert Kiyosaki: Why the ultimate stock market crash will begin in 2016"

Dane Fenner says:

Great interview

Johan Kirsten says:

Banks just creates money out of thin air, driving people to slave for credit. The only thing good that must happen is that the current system "Owners" must repay the poor people what they stole over the last 100 years. Banks are the only legal ponzy schemes, why?

Yan He says:

The more you read from the comments below, the more you should believe what Robert Kiyosaki is talking.

interests10 says:

Kiyosaki predicted for 2016, but stocks are still in a bull market…

Med dy says:

This vid needs more ads…

influentia1patterns says:

After the market nearly doubles in less than a year, it's time to sell and you will only get one chance… so much money on the sidelines. Kiyosaki's reason for a top from 2016-2020 in the book prophecy is forced selling of 401ks by baby boomers. That logic may still apply, but the crowd is over positioned in bonds, not stocks. Most 401ks particularly from baby boomers is in bonds, not stocks. That is why bonds will crash and stocks will soar because all the money on the sideline will be buying any dip caused by forced selling and the crowd is under-positioned in stocks. Gold is for the retail investor, not the big institutions who will choose between stocks and bonds and cash only. Real estate is a better hedge against hyperinflation.

Sean Budge says:

This guy's logic is incomprehensible. Can't follow him. Please get less weird people on next time. Think I wasted half an hour.

the GLOSSA channel says:

the GLOSSA channel

Marty M says:

He says, Silver and gold are the only real money. Everything else can be controlled and manipulated at will. I'm paraphrasing. Hey Robert! What gives? Gold and silver are two of the most manipulated markets on the planet!!!

antony sloan says:

subject matter interesting way way too many fucking adverts

KoolauWaterfall Hawaii says:

He said the stock market would crash in 2016. I have no doubt there will be economic turmoil but you don't have to be genius to predict that one.

fritz yuio says:

2013 Kiyosaki said Dow Jones will crash, it went all time high.. He said Oil price will go up, it went down… 2016 Kiyosaki said Stock Market will crash, it went all time high… If you listen to him about Gold, then you also did not make money. People who listen to him never made money. The only one who made money from all this shit is him selling you all his courses.

ramesh sharma FB says:

Rich Dad Poor Dad………………………………………….

Chan Choi says:

The market made a new high🤔but I agree that physical sliver is real money

TheKnightsOfCamelot says:

The rich are getting richer because they are unethical.

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