ROBERT KIYOSAKI Why Will the Latest STOCK MARKET CRASH Begin in Next Few Months

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Lee Johnson says:

The Stock Market has been soaring since Donald Trump was Elected President. The Donald Trump Stock Market Bubble will burst, soon.

Peter Lemmon says:

Mean and cruel is when you stand before "the Great White Throne of God" and God says, "I never knew you." Hell is real and eternal, Kiyosaki. Stop cursing the poor. God loves them and saves them. They are not cowards. They want to do the right thing. Kiyosaki, like oligarchs, want to escape "working by the sweat of their brow." They are the useless eaters — clouds that give no rain — the Kiyosaki's look down on the common man. Idiots like Kiyosaki think they are somebody, but God says, the rich "are less than nobodies."

Peter Lemmon says:

Marxist, debt system is the inverse of capitalism. Debt system is contrary to God's Word and the economy He approves of. Kiyosaki is a predatory monster, like the system of the Beast. Shut this monstrous debt system down. Our Constitution has no place for it. Kiyosaki, has "gained up the whole world and lost his own soul," in this Federal Reserve Marxist debt system

Runetta-L Colquitt says:

Thanks for the post, and great way to end and begin the new year.Happy New Year!!

tonyzoro says:

This was from 2016 though!!! Makes no sense whatsoever to post now

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