Robert Shiller On Valuations, Europe Turmoil And Bitcoin | Trading Nation | CNBC

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Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University discusses market psychology and cryptocurrencies with Sara Eisen.
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Robert Shiller On Valuations, Europe Turmoil And Bitcoin | Trading Nation | CNBC


Adrian Childers says:

If that interview doesn't make you think twice about going tens of thousands of dollars in student debt to listen to people like that not sure what will.

DCUPtoejuice says:

3:11 translation "buy bitcoin"

DCUPtoejuice says:

stocks are going to spike up even further than crash

Tc Linn says:

fewer boring academics please, need actionable info

Daniel Lemunyan says:

This guy is out of his mind. How can you attribute anything in the current market to Trump? What a joke.

Luo V says:

Actually, contrary to the viewers coments, I found the video helpful. I guess he did not talk in "straight lines" and so many viewers got confused

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

Schiller is a nice guy and he tries hard to be sensible. He repeats that he cant forecast the markets. But yes, according to his cape ratio us markets are high. But instead going into europe Id just stay in cash.

JKSulit says:

So.. The stock market might go up or down… BTC looks like a bubble, but maybe is not…. mmm… yes, no.. maybe so? lol

Kourosh Shafi says:

trade during exam?!!!

Matthew Bower says:

“Something good may come out of it” yes, yes indeed!

Jack Naneek says:

can't think of anything less helpful than an equivocating academic.

August says:

I'm sure he's a smart guy, but he said almost nothing worthwhile.

C Z says:

Robert Shiller: “valuations are too high, we are due for a crash”
Crash comes*
Robert Shiller: “not a bear market”

Kent Wrankmore says:

A Professor of Economics and this is all he has…. Its time to change the old guard and get in some young guns in with conviction. #BOOM

80sruler says:

He’s a perpetual worry wart and has been crying the blues for 10 years

David Watts says:

Uhh uhh, but uhhh, uhhh

Daniel DuVal says:

Professor SHILLER

David John says:

He is clueless about bitcoin and he shouldn’t be weighing in on it

Spartacus547 says:

This guy blows gots I have proof

logans run says:

Wow he doesn't even know the difference between centralised blockchain and decentralized blockchain.

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