ROBINHOOD GOLD │After Hours Trading & Margin

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Just got Robinhood Gold, quick review of what’s included

-Pre & After hours trading
-Instant Cash

Recorded on Nexus 6P



hunner36 says:

So you say you're a day trader, but from my little knowledge I thought there was a law that you could only make like 4 day trades a week or something, and the buy and sell would count as a day trade so in term it would mean you could only buy and sell a stock in the same day twice a week. Is this true or is there a way you get around it ?


ill pass on the robinhood gold

10 bucks a month too much for me

tangylizzz says:

another question i have is:

whats your average profit

tangylizzz says:

hello i am 12 and i am interested in this brokerage and traders app, I've told my parents about it. when i was at the social security number part of sign up i knew i took it to far. i know im too young but im interested…

some one NAME VALENCIA says:

so they give u that for free going gold "LOAN" so you have to pay then back it for every month in till ur dead????

Huy Nguyen says:

i just got gold but I don't see my buying power anywhere on Robinhood.

rey cruz says:

so, Robinhood Gold,is only by invitation?or is there any way that we can sing up,

Rebearth says:

Do you have any videos that explain how to go Long on a stock instead of shorting and using day trades?

Kalvyn Ha says:

Great video. Thanks for the info! How does margin call work in RH? Stay Green my friend

Greg Hansen says:

wow lucky you!

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