Robinhood Options Trading Goes Down!

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Shaw Lu says:

I'm here to see who else lost money

Prime Crypto says:

Robinhood is only good for swing trading. stop wasting your time otherwise!!

Chickenwing says:

I'm gonna start commenting so you know Im still watching even tho I couldnt make it to the stream ?? Thank you for everything

Brian Denham says:

They sell your trades to market makers for big premiums robin hood probibly pulls in 10 times what 3rd ameritrade does

Graham Hart says:

I have calls in spy from 258-259 low and couldn't exit today at 268. Very clear bear divergence and I could do nothing except watch $675 dwindle away. But yeah, they gave me $45 worth of 'gold'.. thanks. That's my money that I worked hard for and it's extremely frustrating. I have been very impressed with Robinhood but I'll be looking at other options soon.

the Merc says:

Bro an hour video? Make a 10 min video just on Robinhood issue please

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