Robinhood Options Trading Strategy For Small Accounts

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If you are trading to learn a new options trading strategy that you can use on the Robinhood app you must watch the entire video. Using this strategy can help grow your small account exponentially. I hope this helps if you are a beginner trader, feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

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Jacob Rothschild says:

do you just trade singles or dabble in condors, straddles, butterflies etc?

djonthn says:

you need $25k to day trade, not exactly a small account

Todd Johnson says:

MYGN + SPTN failed . . . oops

Wanda endgame says:

Hi can I asking something

Dumpster Divin' Kitten says:

hey great info, learned a lot. Wondering if you could use markers or draw circle around area when you talking about certain spots in chart

Dynomite says:

what about options when you think a stock will go down?

Cab Run says:

I don't know why every single trader channel I run into make trading looks so difficult. There's only two things you must know to be a successful trader and stop paying these people's fees. After all they claim to make millions and still charging for knowledge, that's being greedy in my eye.

Robert Orellana says:

Will, does Traders Society also talk about fundamentals?

Ponce Pappas says:

I need help with options

Hasty says:

Where exactly should you buy? In the money? Just out of the money? Or far out away from the money where you think it'll eventually end up in?

YouTube Talker says:

Rip headphones users

JBRFLIP 89 says:

Why r u even using ROBIN HOOD when TOS Options chain is 10x better ?

Andrew Dysson says:

This guy sounds like just heard of call options for the first time… what a loser

Tim Reed says:

Great Job Will excellent Video!!

Freddie Ferber says:

Thanks Will. I really appreciate your clear technical analysis and straight ahead clear teaching style.

Emeka Chiedu says:

Gap close reversal strategy…great swing trade application Will..

Daily Data says:

I wanted to tell you get out of OSTK and TSLA but I did not . . .

Razor72144 says:

Keep providing these tutorial

Chewie 13 says:

Great content William. I have to admit I blocked you when you were pushing penny stocks, not that you are in options. I’m in 👍

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