Robinhood Penny Stocks List 2017 – Find & Screen Penny Stocks Available for Robinhood

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Want to find a penny stocks list for trading on Robinhood? The Robinhood app allows us to trade most NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. But how do we find just the Robinhood penny stocks?

In this video, I’m going to show you just one way that you can filter out stocks to trade on Robinhood so that you’re left with a list of penny stocks that you can use.

For various reasons, a small handful of stocks (even once filtered) may not be available but they will be few and far between.

By using this method you can apply advanced filters and screening metrics such as PE ratios, yields, etc. to further narrow your Robinhood penny stocks list. Then you can export them to spreadsheets if you want the ability to really dive into the data.

I’m going to show you how to find those stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ that trade for less than $5 so you’re left with a list of great stocks to choose from when trading on Robinhood.

Of course, Robinhood doesn’t let us trade OTCBB stocks so that’s why we need to sort them out this way.

This is an updated version of this video from BIA.

I promised to link to a few helpful resources so here they are:

“Invest!” the FREE eBook to get started investing:

Robinhood available securities article:

NASDAQ stock screener:

List of NYSE & NASDAQ Robinhood penny stocks as of 6/13/17:

Of course, stocks change value frequently so running your own search can help ensure that you find the stocks currently meeting your criteria. That’s why I’ve chosen to show you how to find penny stocks for trading on Robinhood instead of just giving you a list!



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Really needed this thank you so much

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your screen box is right over what your trying to explain and it's to far way to see what ur doing.

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