Robinhood: Trading My First Stock

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This is my first ever trade using Robinhood, the stock trading service that allows free trades with $0 transaction fees.

I’m starting with $10,000 and will be buying and selling at least 1 stock each day. Follow my progress at:


James Stackwich says:

U just did a market order for thousands? Why? If a flash surge happens in share price between the short time u send order and it is processed, u just bought "X" amount of shares at that price. Always limit order. Never market.

John Smith says:

To all the idiots complaining about market orders: it makes no difference to long term investors but it makes a difference to bogus day traders.

Bloody Peach says:

stop wasting time and hop in the wait line now

Zajecik says:

damn, and if you closed it after the rally, you probably even made money… haha

Gtrianglelightsquare says:

There's nothing wrong with a market order…. At least educate yourself  before leaving dumb comments 

Forexbroker-Check says:

Looks great – is there a Android solution as well?

jpcarigma says:

why market order? 

Onenasty306 says:

Use a limit order…. Market orders yeah don't do that 

organicthings says:

Nice! Help me too lol


Uhoh, market order… treading on thin ice there, bud.

Niclas Tanhua says:


Signed up on their website for "Early Access".
About 475000 ahead of me :-/

Well, I'll wait patiently.

DanySparks says:

What happen with this app? 

Scott Pickens says:

Thcz stock buy. Imo

theSomeguyatwork says:

Did you have access to real-time quoting information?

Ian B says:

market order, jezus man

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