Robinhood Zero-Commission Stock Trading App

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Why pay E*Trade $8 to buy or sell a stock when you can trade for free on Robinhood? After two years of development, $16 million in funding, and 500,000 waitlist signups. Robinhood lets you track the performance of stocks, and buy or sell them with just a few taps at no cost. The app could attract a younger, less wealthy demographic to the stock market because people can trade smaller amounts without having their potential earnings eaten up by the fees most brokerages charge. Josh Constine gets a quick hands-on of the new zero-commission stock trading app, Robinhood.

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AnimeRMX says:

why it's not available in canada why?

James Oliva says:

Great review, if anyone wants to give Robinhood a shot, you can get a free share of any stock by signing up with this link: <— See for yourself.

Richard Long says:

For a beginner who is not greedy and simply wants to make money on binary trading your best strategy , it cost little. Works on almost all major broker's platform and gives you a guarantee of at least $1000 to $2500 payout per week. What could be better than that.

Cesar Salgado Salagado says:

I want to start trading with Robinhood and I really want to start making some extra money

Caleb Bastin says:

Is this a simulator or the real thing?

Gary B says:

the u.s. is going to increase the supply of oil by a lot in a very short period Look here also

VICTOR Mrdude says:

Robinhood app is running extremely slow.

Ujanueru D. Uja says:

I just opened an account with this auto trader (Link Here >>> after hearing about it from my friend. It’s indeed genuine software. No hidden charges and starts building profits instantaneously. No grey charges and black hat techniques. Verified and certified with consistent profits. What more could you ask from a binary options trading auto trading app?

some one NAME VALENCIA says:

a why is it taking so long my application under review what can I do to hurry them up

Robinhood Portfolio says:

Great review, thanks to you I am now addicted. This is a great trading platform. I have been trying to develop a portfolio and have been posting my progress.

willhurly says:

Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:

Comptroller 64 Video Games says:

sooo is this available now or what because I don't see it in the google play store?

DOUG W says:

The only problem is u can only buy and sell at market price. For me not being able to buy and sell at a price i pick would cost me more then the $7 i paid now for trades.

Jennifer ROBESON says:

Try out the app for free using my referal link I've been using Robinhood to trade stocks for free. Check it out on the App Store!

ajReviewer3227 says:

Here is a invite if you need one ^

chrismas says: haha, I came here to post my link for Robinhood Instant. It gives you instant access to $1,000 to buy, sell, or deposit into your bank account.

Blake Lucas says:

Looking for an awesome, user-friendly, $0 commission stock trading app? Please use my link to sign up. Good Luck!

Shane Johns says:

If your thinking about downloading robinhood, here is a link to it using this link when you download will help shorten the wait time for me to get the new robinhood instant upgrade. Thanks to everyone in advance. 🙂 happy trading!

Tudor Renegade says:

you started with 100$ and lost a couple ? It's so tabu.

dunn1984 says:

Hey I have some Robinhood instant invites if anyones wants them. Thanks so much!

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