Rocket League Gameplay: $2,400 GOLD CAR! – Trading/Velocity Crate Items (Imperator DT5 Best Goals)

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Rocket League gameplay with the $2,400 gold car in rocket league! Featuring some trading, some velocity crate opening items, and some best goals!
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Rocket League alpha items as well as the imperator DT5 and anodized make for an insane custom that may be better than all cars together 😉 So, we do go through the prices on PC, not xbox one or ps4, as well as play some games going for cool goals/dribbles (not freestyles this time).

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▶ A montage featuring the best goals, freestyles, and dribbles from pros such as Kronovi, Rizzo, Sizz, Lachinio, Kuxir, Squishy and more:

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TheLlamaSir says:

Leave a LIKE for the ultimate golden car! 😮

What's your dream RL item?

Matthew Butler says:

My favourite item is the titanium white octane

Matt G says:

You got way too far into this😂makes a change for your normal videos though because you normally just sound depressed

nuXx says:

So, how do I get black or Silver ? 😀

XD The Meme Man XD says:

U should use the money boost effect for the gold XD

Vegituh :3 says:

Bro, i have the worst car of game. This car is nothing. Hahaha

Abdur-Raheem Jariwala says:

$2000 for Anodized…👏👏👏

David Agee says:

I got that car first try

Lorna Jones says:

Ive got gamerlink

Alfonso Gamez says:

Lol I use the imperator with d anodized and I use the gold car :0

Pablothegod333 says:

I like the silver one better

minigadge says:

Most expensive PS4 car:
White striker octane
Striker 20xx or striker heatwave
striker white apex
Striker white halo
Striker white Helios
Beta nugget
Striker zigzag
Striker duelling dragons

minigadge says:

If you equip anodised with saffron imperator and put it on gold paint the saffron turns gold!

GodBear YouTube - El Canal Que Te Gusta says:

I have Anodized

Zachary Ocampo says:

Wanna trade my white Draco’s for the car

Zynx YT says:

Tbh I like the silver more

zokopi says:

The gold car is literally Jon sandmans

Mohammed Hasan says:

Anodized is not a mystery decal because it doesn't have any animation

Csongor Kemény says:

why are u level 25?

Neelam Owsis says:

your alpha prices were wrong

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