Rockwell Trading Scam

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GO TO: for BREAKING NEWS! See all the updates regarding proof of the scam in writing and about staff members leaving the sinking rockwell trading ship. Of course Markus Heitkoetter is the last to abandon ship.


T J33A says:

Nice exposé. Saving people a lot of heartache and pain here. Good work.

Jeff Bachmann says:

SCAM company. I foolishly signed up for some information and immediately reading how amazing their trades were i was skeptical.
I got so much BS SPAM I simply deleted their messages. No problem right?
Today they sent me an order confirmation scam email "congratulating and thanking" me for ordering their DVD set.
They don't have any payment info from me so they SOL trying to scam me but it's pretty annoying.
Guess I'll file a complaint with the FTC

mike force says:

you have a vid, but then don't give the full story in the vid…but I should email you? It is 2016 and those same people are at the company. Seems like you might be a scammer. Having said that, I don't see why anyone who is "amazingly successful trading", getting the fantastical returns all these "systems" claim, would spend so much time writing books and selling software and whatnot. Would any of you? Nope, you'd be off living life with all that money, or trying to increase leverage for future trades.

bangem andleavem says:

i suspect 99.9% of all rooms are full of crap.

Victoria Mallia says:

His Brother Markus (not his son)  has a very reliable firm in Switzerland with a very profitable trading Strategy with BB range bars/ tick charts and MACD. + managed accounts. He's got a blog and videos on youtube how he made 100 % profit within 10 month with his strategy.

Tim Maxon says:

What do you think happens when these retards can't make money trading? They write free literature sucking in stupid people then sell them useless crap. Same old same old. Like the traders on CNBC who trade options The Najaran Brothers. Day trading at one time was a good business but  today you have to deal with High speed computers now, as well as the experienced traders who game the markets to suck in people with the buybacks of all the cash rich companies who ride the roller coaster. One can make money but the time involved to be successful is immense. This market is full of the worst kind of con men. They have no bones about being liars cheats scam artist who all like fast EZ money. In the real world we call them Psychopaths. The American dream is dead now all we have are scams that create nothing.  

craplike123 says:

Since they are basically trading Simulated Live Accounts at Infinity Futures Brokerage they've never been trustworthy at all… 

Bill Rojas says:

it is gone now. They took their millions and closed ship. Thanks God I never joined

Tampa Mastermind says:

I spent a good decade of being a member of a large trading club based in Tampa Florida, that literally, paraded one sales person after another in front of us gullible consumers, both trading and investing sales people, as well as brokers like PFG.

At one point, I do believe it was one of the largest trading clubs in the nation. Market giants from Dick Arms to Steve Nison to Larry Williams and all the other names in between flew to Tampa to present and sell, the group.

Our largest meeting attendance I believe was for either Dick Arms or Steve Nison, over 600 attendees. Meetings were held in a church, of all places. $5.00 dollar donation. It later became know the meeting facilitators not always, but usually, were getting kickbacks in the form of percentages of the sales to the public. 

It took the Lou Pearlman scam to finally bring the group down, and only after many wonderful people lost most of their life savings.

After the chaos, we started our own informal small trading group to support each other, studying strictly price action trading.  Success at trading can happen utilizing the study of price action. We have several members who are now successful in their own trading businesses. 

Our one rule, we do not allow anyone to market us unless they can prove, with real documentation, that they make money trading themselves using their own product, long term, through all market cycles. We also wanted a list of active graduates, or users, as the case may be, 1 year out, 2 years out, 5 years out, that we could contact about their experience. 

If they met this challenge, they could then market the group and we would guarantee a good size of the membership would likely be purchasers. 

After over 4 years, how many educators who have wanted to market our group have ever provided this information, in any form or fashion? ZERO! 

When they hear our requirements they are never heard from again. 

Success can be had, but only after many many long years of work, and very very hard work at that.  You must be extremely well capitalized and it has to be a full time endeavor.

There must be strong mentor support, and with so few succeeding, that is impossible to find in most cases. Those who do succeed do not bother mentoring, let alone charging to teach. 

The level of dedication needed is beyond the average person. The person must be an entrepreneurial personality. The vast majority of people would be far better off investing in some other business. 

The trading failure rate often advertised by educators is 90% (unless of course you purchase their system or training). I would suggest it is really 99%. There simply is no holy grail. And it cannot be done part time.

In almost all cases, it will be the hardest thing a person ever attempted in their life. 

I fall short of calling anyone a scammer. I will say, in all those years, and seeing all those systems, products and investments sold, I have only ever seen money lost long term, not made, by the consumer of trading information. 

Only the seller made money.

Frits Trader says:

Check out the updates on my website (link right underneath the video). Recently Markus Heitkoetter hired a lawyer to keep me from telling you about his scam. For all the details, incl. the emails the lawyer send out visit my website. If Markus is hiring a lawyer to shut down my website he must be hurting. Lawyers don't work for free Markus Heitkoetter!

HauntedHorse says:

Hoi ik ben ook nederlands 😀

Anthonyij says:

Come on guys, you all should know that no trader or institution has 100% winning trade. I stay clear from those that claim they made 10k within weeks.

Pao Meng Soon says:

Excellent video! please post it at Forex Peace Army

Winfred Sam says:

have you also noticed mark hodges photo is with a luxury boat to sell the idea he's raking it in with the seahawk trade? lol

Winfred Sam says:

Rockwell Trading always used a sim account to demo their trades. I bought into the system, tried it a few times and something did not feel right with the rules to the trade. But the range bars was something I kept as part of trade plan.

50ctrader says:

This video is so funny. I am glad you owned them like that. Hilarious. Nice Job!

Gian Mureddu says:

I had a different experience with Rockwell Trading when I did their course in April 2009. I still have all my handwritten results somewhere in the garage. I didn't do too badly at all with back testing and live testing (always deducting a tick for slippage).
Gian. Sydney, Australia

pierrebrseven says:

A red flag for me was when I asked what was the pct returns and drawdowns their system gave and Mandy Ditmire responded back they do not devulge the returns.

JOHAN5459 says:

thank you so much. I was just about to buy their course. Thank you. God bless you.

Elvis Bicharri says:

I have been a private trader now for over 5 years and I have come
across so many scam artists. I am so happy to see these ppl exposed.
If you want to learn from the very few traders who make a REAL living
from trading, check out my e-book on Amazon titled "The Truth About Trading: Now You Too Can Stop Losing And Start Earning" In it I reveal what to avoid, as well as the trading mentors who have helped me become a profitabe trader. I've finally kissed goodbye to fake gurus forever.

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