Runescape Weekly – Guides – Trade Bonds to Ironman with One Computer!

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Need to trade your Ironman or woman a bond? Only have one PC? Cant get past that “Too many connections from this computer.” error message? This video is for you!

VMWare Player Free:

Virtual Box Free*:

*I was having problems with the virtual box website, so instead I recommend VMWare player. I also misstated the ownership of Virtual Box. Oracle owns Virtual Box and VMware owns VMware player. Go figure.

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Troy Martin says:

another couple options of doing this is 2 side by side clients open, go to lobby and select the same world and wait then click "login" on both quickly before your character gets in so it bypasses it. or MAYBE "Sandboxie" program can allow you to do it. or try this guys method lol

RiseOfHe11 says:

why not just use 2 different browsers?

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