Russia And China Working On Gold Trading System, Gold Will Increase: Louis Cammarosano

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Today’s Guest: Louis Cammarosano



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Ricky Brown says:

funny how he always say "hiiiiii"

kurjan100 says:

Hi, please discuss the Royal Mint creating a gold backed block chain asset to be used for institutional international trade.

Jos van Doorn says:

So we must buy gold and make a big profit/ How much gold did the4 shit head buy?

med ray says:

American dollar will collapse soon. The world should trade with gold instead.

Theo Schutz says:

understand but against what or what value?

Robert Stuart says:

Louis, your puzzlement is puzzling. see David Ikes "Rothschild Zionism". This has been going on for some time. A set of protocols have been specified for longer.

Day Trading Oil Futures says:

If Russia and China are working on a gold trading system I think they should be consulting me, since I'm the one who broke the entire code to the financial system proving mathematically that all markets in the world are being controlled in advance by a computer program and aren't really trading as is believed……David

John Sturdy says:

322 report skull and bones

Glen Fish Batchelor says:

Louis is one smart analyst. Good interview. He sounds like Ray Ramano

ZCM Trading says:

Big Louie is da best. Badabing! big lou for small gold fo sho.

james farr says:

fuckers in spencer ma wouldent let me vote because I was registered in Douglas

Henrik Ræder Clausen says:

One note in this otherwise very nice talk:
Please do not confuse "Europe" with the "European Union". This is at least as wrong as confusing "Russia" with "Soviet Union". Europe will remain long after the European Union is dead and gone – just like Russia was there before the Soviet Union, and still is. We are many looking forward to the collapse of this Union. Threatening Poland and Hungary "Take (Muslim) immigrants or leave!" will certainly move that process forward!

Mathew Smith says:

i'm making good moonshine. wanna trade with me?

Truth Monster says:

The delusional arrogance starts at 7:50. The dollar index weighs the dollar against other defective and criminal fiat currencies, so the dollar can decrease in real value while that index is rising. The US does not need to trade with people who cannot afford their products! That goes for everyone. The point of trade is to benefit both parties involved through comparative advantage. Germany and Russia are natural trading partners with raw materials heading west and high tech products heading east. Both benefit through native advantage and both pay for their own shit. This comparative advantage is analogous to specializations in peer to peer transactions benefiting both parties. IOW, a mechanic who needs his taxes done and an accountant with a broken car trading their services with each other… Devaluing your currency to sell stuff is pure idiocy. It's nonsense trying to justify inflationary money-printing. But inflationary money-printing is THEFT of a nation's purchasing power. That mentally sick pervert john maynard keynes said it was theft. He also vacationed in Tunisia to buy boys for sex because he was a pederast. This is what our universities base their economics on and no one is able enough to think for themselves to reject it! It's subsidizing people who cannot afford your products! Pure idiocy! When China backs their currency with gold and the dollar disappears the world will be a much better and fairer place run by merit and not crime. If people want your product and can't afford it, you don't sell it to them. It's that simple. Until they make products you're interested in and earn the value to buy your products it's simply NO DEAL! The Enemy of the State counterfeiters at the criminal federal reserve, ben shalom bernanke, stanley dual citizenship fischer, yellen the chromosomally challenged felon, et al, these are sick individuals who are robbing us blind. They have used all
kinds of sick, depraved and twisted reasons to rationalize this theft, the sale of goods to people who cannot afford them is the most pernicious and idiotic.
The delusional arrogance continues at 21:00. What the US wants or thinks is totally irrelevant. The US is a bankrupt third world hellhole and NOBODY wants the dollar anymore, NOBODY. The US is a pariah nation and the dollar is dead. Gold-silver-bitcoin is the ONLY solution for civilization to prosper.

Kaba says:

Hi Dave, I've noticed recently that there's a bit of clipping here and there on your videos. Do you know why this might be the case?

Jason Bourne says:

does anyone have info on the fed dumping its balance sheets the day before trump launched into Syria?????? at all?????????

Jason Bourne says:

my Lenovo is super fast ben…….

Max Prophet says:

Um there has been enough things happening to be classed as a BlackSwan event (Trump winning, Trump bombing Syria, Brexit). If those aren't blackSwans then nobody knows what a BS is. What else would it take!! Bombing New York?

Eddy & Erika says:

Gold and Silver need a lot of labour ,Geologist, licenses,machines,mechanics,lawyers,workers planners refiners,minting ,counting,shippingand then Gold and Silver become stored Energy its always there to the person who has it…Bitcoin took 0.08 to make 1 bitcoin in electricity when created…I think people don't understand what Gold and Silver are….Not many will be able to hold it and we the people that do thank the Lord Jesus Your family will be Free always very liquid…And its an excuse to say it heavy and bulky too bad that's the way it is Y'all have it to easy and too fast….Fast food that's all You have been fooled again TRUMP is Friends with Hillary they all Eat little babies with the Queen You Ding Dongs Yall have No clue what Your up against….Gold,Silver and Freeze dried Food (mountain House)25 yr shelf life…Something Big Gonna Go Down with Your electrons…

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