Russia-China Trading In Gold- What Will the Fed Do?

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This will mean thermonuclear war.

MrMilanoLau says:

The US might allow the price of gold to rise and then linked the US dollar to it. This is the only way to preserve its reserve currency status. She must do it fast. Once China and Russia acquire enough gold from the market, allowing the price of gold to rise would be of no meaning.

bigbangnone says:

The same as we did to Saddam and Gaddafi – After they attempted to create a gold coin to replace the Oil Dollar (Only the dollar can be used to trade oil in the desert). Without it…..our economy would collapse. And this is what Russia and Islam wants. China had beater stop or we will not buy any more products from them. The USA does not need China. We can bring back our manufacturing at any time.

Brad Junes says:

How now can we have hyper inflation when there is no cash out there? Is everyone going to go into bigger dept using credit cards to buy up the prices? no. Is gold and silver going to be enough to jack up the prices because gold and silver would have to lose value in order to have to pay more of it to buy the same thing now. No. Prices will continue to go down because there is not a flush amount of cash out there in the market. If you sell something like stocks your not going to get cash, but rather a bigger bank account. Explain what is going to cause the inflation please. Thanks

Bea Boudreau says:

water, antibiotics, weed, food, 4 of the top 10, can not gold and silver be confiscated by the goverment, it has in the past ?

walkingeaglewoman says:

Dave there is no rosy picture. The Russians and Chinese are smart and they care about their people. The united states NEVER cared about its people. Never. It had slavery for 200 years and then an out of control penal code with over 2 million people in jail… The USA cheated and murdered the native people and brainwashed everyone else. Those who saw what was happening and fought against it were assassinated. Medical care in the USA is failing and too expensive except for the privileged. The government itself is controlled by the jewish elite zionist foreigners who are killing everyone who is against them. Worse still we are morally compromised in the eyes of God. We are DONE.

walkingeaglewoman says:

The central banks and DEEP STATE and NWO launched war against nations who would not go along with their schemes and deceptions. Russia does not have the jewish banks in their country… look at what happened to Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, and Iran….

walkingeaglewoman says:

Dave… provided wherever people are living doesn't take a DIRECT HIT with a nuke of any type. Most of the people in this nation will die… plain and simple. But I agree with you that America is a dead nation… dead nation.

Duval904 Jaglife says:

Wake up call! Don't sleep on this the time is now

Dongz Aga says:

The game is over the economic Cold War, focus the eternal debt, don't afraid the Redemption is the only way to rise it's only solution the economic chaos

mitchlrp says:

We stole everyone Gold. Libya, Iraqi, World trade Center… What happened to it?

Ryan Jackson says:

Ya, Hope itll end the US dollar all together, we need the technology they have been withholding from us to push us through in the next age. Petrol and combustion engines are from 1903. Man will never be free as long as there is currency and greed.

Judy Gange says:

Your comments have hit the nail on the head in gold and the acceptance of goods paid in gold will leave many Nations without TRADE with China and the Russian governments. These two Nations maybe trying to STOP THE ELITES AND THE QUEST FOR A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT? Maybe these two Nations are trying to SAVE their Nations from the TRYANNY of the Illimunati's Plans  the Shadow Government and all the rest who are trying to ENSLAVE THE WORLD.!!

skurzen66 says:

When there is no food except for "awake" people, who are we going to trade with, and for what? Unless you are a member of a community in which EVERYONE is in the loop and are doing what you are doing, it isn't going to work. Besides unless you are well hidden or in a bunker, how do you protect yourself from all the tectonic weapons they are prepared to use on us. Then there's the cashless society that coming with the chip….they are not going to let anyone use money, cash, gold, etc. They'll probably confiscate any gold. And if the Russian and the Chinese are coming to invade and take everything from us, where is gold and silver going to do us any good. Like the Bible says, we are going to toss the gold in the streets because it won't buy food, water and health because none will be available. Any kind of money is only gonna be used by the elites. I have some silver and gold, but the farther along we get and with everything I'm seeing, I'm not seeing it as useful. Maybe I'm missing something here, but that's how I see it. If you are a big shot and have ties to get you out of the country or something, I don't see a lot of hope. War is coming plus Christians are going to be targeted right out of the gate for slaughter, so good luck with all this gold you're accumulating. Prayer and getting oneself in a right relationship with the Lord is what's important and the only thing that's good to matter when the dust settles.
Put your hope in Him who can save your soul.

Richie B says:

The biggest problem with this barter concept is that, in a Mad Max world, and in America it would be on STERIODS, they ain't gonna politely buy your bloody alcohol. They gonna take it! Don't care where you are, or how much ammo you got, they'll get it in the end. Sorry to say, but that's just the nature of things.

Joseph Dunphy says:

Local news article notes that suicide rates among middle school students at least doubled in past few years. Side effect of recession? Good bet, IMO.

The Bigfoot says:

I think it should be food, guns, gold ,medicine ,and buck skin.

tsx3214 says:

Dave, seriously??"………If we're lucky enough to survive WWIII?" lol

James Boothe says:

The Gold Standard needs to be reinstated,
became the value of the AMERICAN DOLLAR
will not be worth nothing.!
As of last count U.S. $ ,is worth .85 ¢…..
AMERICA needs to stay instep
with the other World Powers.!

Berni Gagnon says:

an act of war by russia and china? what do you expect after all the crap your country is guilty of? all you do is bully and sanction other countries into submission and when they try to defend themselves you bomb them. wow and most of your people go along with all the violence. your streets should have been paved with gold, but all you did was abuse it. maybe russia and china just see the writing on the wall

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