'Safety plays' gold and treasuries are rallying on market sell-off: Trader says

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Matt Cheslock, Virtu Financial equity trader, and CNBC’s Bob Pisani discuss the market sell-off and what it means for the quarter ahead.


John Rivinius says:


Lawrence Sullivan says:

market was propped up by an unfunded tax cut primarily for the rich with concomitant explosion in national debt which as a stimulant to the economy is now ebbing with stocks retreating to more realistic levels as consumer demand begins to flatten in line with real wages that have been virtually flat for decades.

Jason Good says:

US Government has to address the aging demographics, healthcare, and national debt and give some incentives to younger generations to Make America Great Again.

Joshua Fausset says:

It’s all fake money. If you wonder why this is happening, you need to watch Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 4

James Jones says:

Its hard to juggle on a pedestal, especially when there is an orange clown kicking your pedestal.

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