Saxo Bank – Bull Market Q2 and Beyond to $100K Bitcoin by Early 2019! – #FOMO

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Saxo Bank says that bitcoin could hit $100,000+!

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


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George Alex says:

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Sxsx Mxmx says:

@5:07 you knew exactly what you meant, and totally had nothing to do with this video's subject matter for the day…..😁😁😁

TheTradeBox says:

I’m going to retire with XinFin (XDCE)!!!

Jack Alom says:

From their mouths to whales, institutions, and retail investors ears! Boom time! Boom boom boom!

Jashim Ahmed says:

How many BTC I have to have for owning a Lamborghini?
Anyway, I'm glad that I don't see that many Cliff Highs video 😀

Silent Lamb says:

Just go ahead and add two more FOMO points 😏

marc combs says:

Cruise: "I want the 100k Bitcoin."
Nicholson: "You can't handle the 100k Bitcoin."

jakafe K says:

I blame you

Hetman says:

Peter…you are so much appreciated for everything you do… without you the crypto world would be so empty, lovya my friend.. no homo 🙂

олег судаков says:

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Dion Blaster says:

what bugs me about articles like this is: why would these banks give out their "strategy" to the public. Because no shiller would say for example, this coin is gonna be huge in a month, and only start accumilating in a month, you know what i mean. Can you tell me your take on this?

BradK says:

Just wait till we stocks start getting tokenized….Then we're really going to see things ramp up!


Btc will be 100k years end

G L says:

pete that last statement gave me a belly laugh! That Freudian slip reveals your inner feelings about Verge!

BLACK05GO1 says:

Bitcoin could shoot up to $20K, $50K or even $100K so fast people have no idea. When Bitcoin shoots up $1K, $2K in a matter of hours its amazing to see. Just imagine seeing it jump up $10K in a day. I think something crazy like this is very possible with Bitcoin if the whales decide to join the party (and not go against it).

Graham Steel says:

Hey Peta check out ECA bro …it's worth a look, making waves 🤑

Crypto Keeper says:

Where is the other car?

Tim Clooney says:

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Ricardo Ramos says:

FOMO engaged

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