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I recorded some tape action as the DAX broke higher. Lots of interesting action on the market depth allowing us to get a good feel of the supply demand imbalance.

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Wattzz Mary Kay Sandra Fuenfstueck says:

didnt understand anything at first but i think your talking about just dax. at first i thought it was one stock . Not sure how to do this

nicolas jacobs says:

Scalping The Dax, Trading With Tape Reading – The…:

17teacmrocks says:

@darkness15947 only if you're playing small $ and have enough capital. penny stocks are more of a red/black gamble though you tend to have greater chances shorting from a sudden breakout. the investors behind the penny stock are trying to get out. keep in mind the dangers as highlighted in wolf of wall street and in general though is most of it is being held by a few large investors. once they're out, liquidity drops towards 0 and it'll tank rapidly. then once it's done, it's never coming back. the early investors cashed out and are on to the next business.

Thou Art That says:

good stuff thanks.

nico laza says:

another one unable to make sense of the word incremental understanding. too complicated not speaking about basics and synamics

darkness15947 says:

absolutely right. penny stocks have been booming in past 2 years and thats the great way to make money from trading fast. be mature and do this, These professionals are being with us always to guide us to choose and trade in proper way. its worth a try here –>

masta fx says:

what broker do u use for tape reading?

trader048 says:

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Akira Kobayashi says:

You say "40 lot @ 6815 and orders jump above". I see 6815.0 being filled from 117 to 140 and it makes 23 lots. I could be wrong, but for me it means 22 at ask filled plus 1 probably at market. And why didn't you traded when it broke from the range at 14-15? It looked safe entry

TheDaytradingroom says:

@48djm16 No problem, thanks for taking the time to comment.

TheDaytradingroom says:

@HermanTrade You're welcome Herman.

TheDaytradingroom says:

@saaamcollins Yes, harder in real time. But the more videos you can watch of decent tape patterns the better you get at spotting them at full speed. It's a great way of improving.

TheDaytradingroom says:

@sav70 Thanks, glad you found it useful.

S Russo says:

great video

MangoMan888 says:

not bad, seeing that live and actually placing the trades is another story though, easy to spot it when you pause and discuss it, when the whole trade takes less than 20 seconds to see, think about, then actually execute it could very easily be a different story. But nicely done anyway 🙂 More Dax tape reading would be great, especially if you traded it too!

German Cuartas says:

Really very usefull. Thank you Mark

48djm16 says:

Thanks Mark for another great video!

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