Scams in Trading Penny Stocks

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Scams in Trading Penny Stocks is the most dangerous phenomenon in trading and investing online.
A lot of beginners get attracted to penny stocks. First because penny stocks are cheap and second beginners think they can have huge profits easily. The fact is that trading penny stocks is very risky because the price is very volatile and because many professionals manipulate these kind of stocks because it does not need a big capital to change the price. Scammers use a one page websites and forums to ask traders to buy penny stocks. When the beginners are buying the professionals are selling. Sometimes scammers ask for membership which is more dangerous. Scammers use new ipo stocks or old ones. When beginners lose money like $50 from $100, The thing is that they don’t know that 50% or more has gone forever. So just think why are those penny stocks are cheap? They are cheap for a reason. All mutual funds and big traders do not invest in them and they dont trade them.Because most of these penny stocks are very small companies with little earnings and most of them are new. They dont go through the test of time. Well thank you very much for watching this video. If you have a question or just you want to comment just do. I will be glad to debate this subject. Please subscribe to my channel for further videos. Thanks for watching.


adwin cabreja says:

this video is good and it help

Sam Ziton says:

Merci a vous.
You have explain the most key point of that Penny Scam.
So if you lucky at the right minute you make money otherwise you just hope to make money the rest of your life. Better to get a lottery ticket than  playing a trader on Penny Stocks…Thanks

Ronnie Wilson says:

Good discussion on trading scams on penny stocks. 

NumidianKing says:

R you algerian? I think if someone invests in pennystcoks he must know what the company has as capital and what product or service this company does, and what circumstances it is in (e.g what nation etc.).

James Babaniotis says:

Do you think a beginner would be better off to start investing small in forex, rather than buying reputable cheap stocks (under $10)? There are some reputable companies out there which do trade for less than $10. Or would it be better to get your feet wet with forex?

Ghazi Eidi says:

Thanks although you are back to simple board … you explain very well … save me time and money great

l robinson says:

Picked up some good info . Thanks for sharing . I have subscribed.

Jacko Mackelvoy says:

Good point but when i buy a stock @1.25 and it goes up to 1.45 i logically dump it immediately yielding and locking in that 20 cent profit times my 5000 stocks i never try to hold something thats hot im afraid of getting burned.

Simon Pitt says:

thanks for the insight into your thoughts on penny stocks, one question though.. surely using a Trailing Stop prevents this being an issue in regard to the drastic down pricing of a stocks value?

Vuk TV says:

You aew best

Drew Brown says:

The speaker implies that prices that go down never go back up . . . or always go bankrupt. Many times if one simply holds the stock longer, it will go back up.

Frank Rasmussen says:

You are a good teacher.

killercake90 says:


I'm looking to start penny stocks and trading stocks,I don't know where to beggin.what books to get.all the videos I've been seeing is skyps making millions.what should I look into,and study I don't wanna get scamed.i really don't know anything about stocks yet.would like to learn..

James Enlow says:

I personally understand the huge risk involved but I find it fun. You are being quite biased to say that the stocks could go from $1 to $.50.. it could just as quickly go from $1 to $1.50. The market is highly volatile and pennystock traders aren't in it for the long term. In fact our definition of going long is no more than overnight, usually it is within the same day. I just hope you give correct information on both sides. Thanks for pointing out the risks but there are some rewards!

Micky Hollywood says:

so does anyone reading this comment trade penny stocks?

Oliver Oly says:

Great video, great explanation. Very good job :)


good video.. thanks a lot lot :)

cantfindafkinaccount says:

wow this is dumbest tutorial ever if your so stupid to get scam that way your too stupid to trade stocks

liberty603 says:

Great video Thanks!

Lad “Diavol” a.k.a Adorable says:

Hmmm penny stocks? 

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