SEC Filings: What To READ Before Buying Penny Stocks 🕵🏻‍♂️

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Charlie dives into SEC filings, why they are important, and what to look for when using them to evaluate Penny Stocks.

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EquipmentReviewer says:

Hitting that like button was so ravishing.

pfguo87 says:

Hi, is understanding the earnings report(10Q from what I read) similar or the same as reading the 10K annual report for SEC you mention above? Thanks.

bob para siempre says:

Anyone feeling fcel?

Buddy Cooke says:

Great video

Robert Hill says:

Thank you for the knowledge! Current physics major at SIU university, started watching your videos recently. I just transferred my savings into a TD Ameritrade account with margin and now I'm trading daily (overnight) and 3 day trades per rolling business week. The plan is to trade full-time after this semester. I'm looking for a mentor, anything you need, I'm your guy. (In a holistic business manner)

Kiersten H says:

You just convinced me not to ever invest in penny stocks. Thanks for the in-depth analyzation.

Travis says:

I never met a rabbit dog before but this video is 💥

Jim McNally says:

Nice one Charlie, Great info as usual in a form I can actually understand. You're like button, well & truly smashed my friend!

Jim F says:

Skip the google search and go here Type the ticker symbol in "Fast Search" box.

isaac zafuto says:

Good stuff as usual. End the gnome on gnome violence though.

Roma says:

I love your content, thank you very much for this video this is awesome

Rick J says:

Love the video and finally someone explained so I could understand. Love the entire vid except one part.. You said to "Keep in mind if your stock is featured in the OTC market, keep in mind they won't have any SEC Filings because they are not required to file with the SEC "

This Statement Is Completely Incorrect. OTC's Do file and we do have to read Sec filings. I am still learning how to read them but We do have to read them. You are right in the fact that they are Not Required to as with Nasdaq however they still do file. In the OTC world we can find them in a nice neat manner at Please double check you info or what you say since their are so many people that are taking you at face value.. Lets not turn Stock Tutorials into a Political Arena,…. We need our facts straight in the trading world. Thank you and thank you for all of you vids and guidance..

Jan R says:

Wow valuable info going g to check now

john kiser says:

Thank you Charlie

Steven Ryan says:

Thank you for doing this vid. I have seen big runner caused by SEC filings and was wanting to learn more about them.
At then end of the video you mentioned "shares outstanding." I have NO idea what that is. Yourself and other youtuners have used several terms I don't seem to understand, anf can't fond a reasonable definition of. Such as: outstanding shares, float, market cap, turn over, free float market cap, BVPS, EPS, P/E, etc….
I was wondering if, and hoping, you would be willing do a video explaining what these terms mean.
Thank you for your time

The wealthy Soul says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Rocket Ronnie says:

Wonderful indeed

Oregon Ryder says:

Thanks for the info Charlie. Are you self taught or take any classes?

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