Select Best Stock For Day Trading And Best Intraday Trading Strategy for Stocks, Commodity and Forex

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Here Is The Strategy Which I Use For Making Money In Market, You Will Be Trading In The Right Stock After Watching This Video For Intraday Trading In Any Market

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Please watch: “Profitable Trading With Bullish Engulfing Pattern for Intraday Swing and Positional Traders”


Tapas Ghosh says:

Really nice idea. Thank you Rakesh Ji.

jalpesh patel says:

one more good video …sir….thanks for the knowledge, kindly share AFL on

Mihir Doshi says:

hello sir,
great work !!!!
which version of amibroker should i purchase professional or the ultimate to run this magical indicator ???
eagerly waiting for a reply


Awesome strategy….which broker you trade with.

Mike Auston says:

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Micheal Ryan says:

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kanchan pranjale says:

hiii rajesh sir i am kanchan my mail id is plz mail me ur afl sir……

Ashutosh senapati says:

kuch baat karilya karo

Sharvah Luthra says:

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Mukul Barthwal says:

Sir you are amazing. Really appreciate your work. Innovation at its best. :)

jp agrawal says:

very good

collins sosa says:

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Bhaskar Dey says:

very nice! sir is it possible to add volume to the scanner! I mean candle open above high if previous day, volume of the Candletricks is above average, and Candlestick close near 80% of the high. this way the scanner will be very strong. I don't know how to code that's why requesting if u can advise.

david sacks says:

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sandeep Das says:

yours view is correct but how to search such types of stock?

Vikas Gupta says:

Hi your point is valid but please make more videos of scanning these shares in real time. add more stocks video.

Theodore Godwin says:

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stephen Edward says:

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Raakesh Shah says:

but sir how to find this gapup stock from thousands of stocks?

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