Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists

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Prince Odidi says:

They called inverse ETFs

june201955 says:

TVIX is one of the 2x when the VIX climbs and the S&P drops.

Jerry E says:

This guy's a goofball. You don't have to be the "super wealthy," to trade in Leveraged ETF's. That's what their called, folks. Leveraged ETF's.

easterlake says:

this pin head wants so bad to be important

Isabo Salem says:

Wow, like this guys rants,saying what he thinks!?

jay cam says:

Jhon Doe if your so smart and educated tells us your view?

John Doe says:

you are no economist haha. This is a green horn trying to talk investing. Another couch potato who thinks they know it all but never learned from educated people how things work.

itsadeadmansparty says:

Great Channel!

MrGchiasson says:

That would be a plot twist.. Paki's nuking Iran….

MrGchiasson says:

Shorting the market…and hedge your bets..on margin or 'options'…they make money  'up and down'…inside traders can sit there and make fortunes without leaving their chair by the computer screen…    Watch the movie "The big short"…about the housing bubble back in 2008.. Great flik.

neringa eta šugomaitė says:

Thank you to let us know your own opinion

Hoops590 says:

Buy everything this year

Julius Octavian says:

I missed this video, lol but love your last comment — we're all a little whacky, but we are who we are! love ya man!

rockstar says:

Exactly correct.. They will short and make it on the down side..

Airik1111 says:

I don't brother, the amount of money that basic Americans have in the stock market is nothing on this market, the big money is countries and our enemies. The last crash when Bush was pres was a country trying to collapse Americas economic core which they did. The only reason we didn't see a complete crash is bailouts and printing of our currency which is crashing the plane slowly into the forest. Currency war and oil prices are going to start WW3.

Daniella Thoelen says:

There won't be elections, which are a farce anyways, the vile-in-charge gets 'selected'! The crash is around the corner and I bet in March the "master-vile" will declare martial law and it will be the same in Europe.

Hurst Shiftin says:

they eat it all up then it goes back up … guess who's sitting on a fat stack.

Steve Edwards says:

CNN is just a mouth piece for the NWO  and its so sickening

hew jorgen says:

keep the rants coming martin .

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