Sell-off a good opportunity to own companies for less: Mario Gabelli

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CNBC’s “Closing Bell” team discusses the market sell-off amid the inverted yield curve with Mario Gabelli, CEO of GAMCO.


m4xfl4xst4r says:

this is an opportunity to short the indices and own physical gold.
everyone else is juggling knives in the dark.

Seph N Haven says:

Wait for the bottom. It's still gonna fall. Get into gold, silver and Cryptos and buy back into market after the bottom rolls

Russell Racey says:

Retirement savings are about to take another giant hit! — but don't worry, fund manager portfolios will do just fine with their commission skim off the top. At least that's what these "genius" experts don't want you to know (as they quietly cash out).

Hermit Ally says:

The thing is everyone is dumping Netflix, I can't see them getting back up.

Matthew Maio says:

So sick of hearing about consumer spending people buy new products because they are programmed to have the new and latest technology people will take a few less dollars to spend so they can have new products? When do you say to much compition is not good? The major players are competing with smaller players and getting beat at there own game

Anthony Rosenbaum says:

"Good time to buy". . .HA. . .more like "please put your money in as I pull mine out."

Crybaby Andrew Sorkin says:

please buy my bags – mario gabeli

El Ajmidar says:

summer snowball effect starting

Steve Loks says:

CBS take out Netflix 😂😂😂

I AM The Russian Troll says:

Dear Baby Boomer, cash out now, or work until you croke.

Monsieur Godzylla says:

et cramer tu invite LUMIBIRD pour une notion de succes de pme pea puisqu'il gerent d'avoir l'argent.

Michael C says:

Consumers arent spending. We learned our lesson in 2007-2009 from you idiots. Don't let these old idiots fool you.

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