SEPT 1, 2015 – Market Crash, economic collapse? What to Do Now

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Is this a regular correction or a market crash? Is the economy Ok or will there be a recession or “economic collapse”? Paul Mladjenovic, author of Stock Investing For Dummies shares his views on what the financial markets and the economy look like for September 2015 and beyond.

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Robert Schryvers says:

Hi Paul, one thing I don't quite understand, is – what if the business that has liability greater than assets has a legal printing press, so can just print enough money to cover anything, can just print money to cover unfunded liabilities, or a stock market?

Michael H says:

Nice to hear sense spoken without scaremongering or a bill attached. Lectures such as this can run up millions of dollars in student loans, pricing people out of necessary knowledge for the means to pay off that debt.

aguiluchodos says:

Great video,very clear.Please continue.

skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders says:

thanks very balanced video thankyou.

Joe Ortiz says:

That was Good Stuff. PS, I bought Cisco At $80 and watched it go to $18

Yahweh Aelohym says:

You sound like a Black Dude, keep on keeping on.

Todd Lavigne says:

Cool guy, who's not saying the sky is falling, but is concerned for good reasons. If your not concerned your probably not
paying attention to what;s going on. We are all guilty of being pre-occupied with our daily lives. But if things fall apart you
and I could be greatly affected.

Rudi Kruger says:

Hi Paul, I know this video was based on the US markets, I live in South Africa (all falling apart there, haha). I work in Iraq and get paid in $$, hence I would like to invest $$ in Commodities eg. Oil, Gold ext. but on the US Stock Exchange, what will your opinion be on Commodities?

rose taylor says:

But how do people with nothing survive this?

Preston Greene says:

I thought this was one of the BEST videos on the subject out there.  very well explained using basic fundamentals.  problem – since when has our economy been based on fundamentals?  I can see history and there are so many ways TPTB can "decide" to make things go.

Delbert Lloyd says:

Thank you. Many of us in viewer land have few resources and playing the market is out of the question but having people who understand the system and tell us their honest opinion is very helpful in many ways. So thanks again please continue.

Idalen Samslin says:

A few months, you sure? There were people in 2012 who said it would take a few months…

Silver Speed says:

what if the stock market crashes to 10,000 points on the dow jones and gold and silver goes down with it?

Robyn G says:

Any thoughts on buying real estate now. I'm in the Reno, NV area where the housing market is soaring – wondering if it will continue soaring since NV is booming right now. Any thoughts if interest rates may go up but not effect the housing market in Reno?

tinglestingles says:

Sound advice.

Bernie Smatavicius says:

excellent advice.

mark p says:

best thing to do,stock up on supplies- monies will be practically of no value shares will crash around all markets of the world ,, watch out for when stocks become practically worthless and watch who is buying them up cheap and these will be the people that brought all the markets down in the world. ( hunt them all down) and treat with—- joe's juice and clear the planet of the shit, once and for all

cogen651 says:

I think the market is going to crash because US corps get 30 to 40% of business overseas. Since China and other markets have tanked , that indicates to me a lack of demand overseas couple that with the higher dollar on US exports, not to mention the U6 above 10% and no wage growth, that indicates to me a drop in profits for companies which in turn will raise p/e ratios an cause a sell due to the overvalue. So hold on to your hat! Any comments to my theory will be appreciated, what do you think?

jasmwhite1 says:

I just found your channel. I found this video well worth watching. Subscribed.

Edward Spidell says:

Great video. I agree with you 100%. I'm trying to get my friends at work to pay attention to this, but most are to unwilling to.

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