Set ups That Are Working for Me Right Now – Rob Hoffman

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Originally recorded on 11/8/14 as part of the Fall 2014 MetaStock Trader’s Summit

Three-time International Trading Champion Rob Hoffman has been traveling the world trading his account live, winning real money competitions and teaching others how to use his strategies. Join Rob for this special MetaStock event introducing his favorite trading set-ups that are working right now. Rob will be sharing the ins and outs of the exact set-ups that he uses to win international and domestic trading championships. He will share the details of his most effective setups working in current market conditions including:

Entry Strategies
Exit Strategies
Stop Strategies
Profit Management Strategies
Key Must-knows To Increase Your Probabilities Of Success
Discover what it takes to rise through the ranks, learn from your mistakes and come out the other end as champion trader like Rob!

About Rob Hoffman
Rob Hoffman is the Founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc. He is an 18+ year veteran of the financial markets, Professional Trader and a skilled educator and passionate mentor to tens of thousands of retail and institutional clients from around the world. Additionally, he is a frequent speaker for the major financial exchanges, and a Two-time International Trading Champion that has won numerous domestic and international trading competitions around the world against other top ranked traders using only real money. Rob has seen it all.

Rob uses adult learning theory in his teaching and analysis to drive home key points and to help students understand how to identify high probability setups, overcome the fear of pulling the trigger, make the trade, and follow the trade through to completion with the skills and coolness of a true professional. He has been an Affiliate Member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) since 1998 because he believes in the importance of high quality and solid technical analysis in the industry.


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