Short Put Option Strategy (Best Guide w/ Examples)

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Selling put options (short puts) is a very bullish strategy that consists of selling a put option on a stock that a trader believes will rise in price.

In this video, you’ll learn:

1. What are the characteristics of the short put strategy?
2. What does the expiration risk graph look like when selling put options?
3. What are the option Greek exposures when selling puts?

In addition, you’ll see three real short put trade examples to demonstrate how put option prices change through time as the stock price shifts.


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Bhairavi Gadhvi says:

Umm if i short a put option can i hold it overnight and can i buy it on the day of expiry???And is it true that on the day of expiry its prices gets 0???so if i shorted whn its price was 10rs..thn on the day of expiry it becomes 0 so i get profit of 10rs??

Animal Friends says:

Good info. Too fast for me to keep up thou.

Franklin Boet says:

What happens to the Seller's short Put if the Buyer would have closed his position when the stock dropped to $141?

Hai La says:

awesome explanation. thanks.

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