Short Term Stock Market Trading for Beginners! – 4 Tips for Short Term Trading!

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Short term stock market trading for beginners is this video. 4 Tips for short term trading in stocks. This video isn’t really about day trading for beginners, but more about short term stock market trading. Short term stock market trading and day trading should not be confused. I hope this video will help you as a short term stock market trader beginner.

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Lee Glass says:

This guy is way too invested in hand gestures.

Archambault Stewart says:

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Wesley Maxwell says:

I am very interested to see how you did short term trading in more detail. What worked what didn't work. Thanks!

I have a smaller portfolio and want to take more risks to build it up short term.

Ina Fatoumata Kébé says:

2 questions for you:
By how much should I hedge my position with put or call options? Like 10%, 20%? Also, is it better to buy the stock before its earnings report is published or is it better to buy it right after it is published (in pre-markets or post-markets) to reduce my risk?

Temnewo Kafel says:

I love this channel

Uncle Steve says:

The best tip would be to exit the nasdaq first thing Tuesday morning at the bubble is about to pop

imad Lovely says:

Where is You'r Second Channel that Talking About real estat ?? 🙂 and Thank You For all The information

wise man says:

Do you ever take some profits off the table in long term investing? How large of a puts should one get before earnings date don't want to use large puts but i don't want to use too small of one?

HaitianHallow says:

Can you do is Square Enix a buy?

jdssurf says:

Is that your neighborhood u show in the beginning?

K L says:

I have predicted Trump's victory many months ago, and expected myself to BUY when the stocks in America drops. However, I never expected the stocks to RISE so fast this week, Dow about 18700 now, especially defense companies that shot up like 10% when they were already overvalued like (LMT, RTN, GD) … Right now my money is on hold. What is going on here…? Is this a huge bubble Wall Street is about to pop?

Rohit Sharma says:

Nice one Jeremy.. Great tips.

Abdi Abeeb says:

Can you make a video about your portfolio?
Would be a nice video

Sabi Csepregi says:

I'd say it might be an idea to learn at least basic tech analysis and paper trade for a while as well. Also I don't see a problem holding a position a bit longer than originally planned, provided a) it's not leveraged b) u can afford to have the cash tied up and c) u can be sensible about knowing when to get out if it goes worse. I agree if course that u should always have a plan and not deviate from it too much.

jdssurf says:

hey brotha hows it going……..hey i mentioned that SKLN stock to you before.

i know its been a flat line for a bit, and now due to the recent news with them, its bern starting to wiggle.

its cheap enough for ppl to get into.

im wondering if you could make a video on them, talking about what to look for as far as recent good news, what cons to watch for, the fact that they are having a conference call meeting soon and they list numbers we can call to listen in, i didnt know we could do that.

i would like to know how that works, is it really just as it sounds….

anyways, i think its a very interesting company and situation.

if you do a video on it, do it soon because i think that conference call is around the corner.

anyways, you take care buddy.

Noverno says:

Hi! My friend purchased 100 stocks in a company. We live in Norway, but they were worth about 100 dollars total. Since he bought them, they have been slowly declining in price with no sign of better times. What should he do?

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