Shorting Over-Extended Gaps (Strategy Review) – Live Small Account Day Trading

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Day trading penny stock setups and strategies for my small accounts. Enjoy!

So this last week was pretty tough. Lots of overtrading and forcing trades. This upcoming week I am going back to my favorite short setup. It has done me pretty well in the past with my small account on Suretrader so hopefully I can replicate that.


Daniel Negusse says:

Question – for new traders who are starting out, what day you advise on paying money to locate shares to short. every time i try to use this strategy, i have to pay and i haven't done it yet. any advise on cost / benefit of that?

robthenorm says:

this is a real warning for the people on sure trader as of 19/12/2017 @ 3pm uk time. i was trading xnet with huge volume and very fast, second by second trading
when this bullshit happens. it cost me hundreds of dollars

[11:48 am] * Sure Trader Chade joined the chat
[11:48 am] * Chat assigned to Sure Trader Chade
[11:48 am] Sure Trader Chade:
Good Day Robert, thank you for contacting Sure Trader. My name is Chade! How may I help you?
[11:50 am] robert:
today less than 30 mins ago the suretrader pro i was using bugged, i had 500 shares bought, i tried to sell them and it said not enough buying power. i already had bought them, it took over 6 mins for me to try and sell at a loss because of the program. why did this happen !

[11:53 am] Sure Trader Chade: Thank you for your reply, Robert. Kindly hold as I consult with our trading department concerning your account.
[11:55 am] robert:
i have the log, selling multiple times failure even at a loss. please log in and check. this cost me money

[11:57 am] robert:
order of 500 shares sell. not enough buying power. the log confirms it

[11:59 am] Sure Trader Chade: Thank you for your reply, Robert. Kindly continue to hold for me.
[12:02 pm] Sure Trader Chade: Thank you for holding, Robert. I was advised by our trading department that we are currently experiencing a technical issue with order executions at this time that we are awaiting our programmers to resolve. We are working diligently with our Programmers to bring a resolution to this issue. A time frame was not given as to when this issue would be resolved, but, I can certainly ensure you once the issue is resolved you will receive a message on the trading platform as an update.
[12:03 pm] robert:
i lost 6 mins in a stock…. why did you not warn me when the program opened. i think i have seen all i need to here, please refund me all my money NOW

[12:04 pm] robert:
all account balance refund

[12:06 pm] Sure Trader Chade: I do understand your frustration and I am sorry that you experienced this, Robert. However, to withdraw all your funds from the account, you will have to complete a withdrawal request form.
[12:07 pm] robert:
6 mins without control on high risk. are you crazy this could of cost me thousands !!. ill be withdrawing immediatley

Shahid Mubarik says:

Really love what you're doing, but please please please please can you slow down…you hold your breath and can't wait to finish. Pace yourself, have pauses, viewers need to absorb what you are saying but we can't because you're running at the speed of light 🙁

Ken Johnson says:

More sound advice from BT.

Michael Caesar says:

base on this lfin may be a good short on monday if it cant go over $26

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