Should I Sell My Stocks Now? Stock Market Crash 2020

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Should I Sell my stocks now? Will I sell my stocks? Will there be another stock market crash in 2020 and will this crash stocks? I share my thoughts on the market and what my strategy is with my stocks currently. Many investors are wondering if they should sell their stocks, buy more stocks, or hold their stocks during this second stock market crash, and I share what I am doing with my stocks and portfolio in this video.

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Positive Investing says:

I've been getting a lot of questions on is it time to sell stocks now – watch the full video to hear my thoughts on this

Prime Time says:

Great mindset but most people don't have the kind of capital to live off this strategy

Iceman WAUGH says:

This man is after my own heart. We don’t agree on Uber, but I am in sync with his overall investing strategy.

Problem with most retail investors is that they are not investors. At least their actions are not “investing”. They just move in and out, which makes them “Day Traders” aka “Casino Cowboys”. Disaster is the only outcome for them in the long run.

Positive Investing – Keep up the good work.

Morgan Rich says:

Excellent video here, but i started being very successful in stock trading since i in started investing with Mr Ernest Vincent strategy… i made $5400 in a short period of 2weeks while trading with his platform…his strategy is second to non

salv236 says:

unless the fundamentals have changed dont sell when there is a significant market correction this is the right time to buy

Elizabeth John says:

I think one need a fail save to the stock market crash

ralph1920 says:

Great job! Liked, Shared with my two buddies, and subscribing. Very likable and easy to listen to. I agree with your strategy, with no prior exposure to the market – I made a pretty big bet from March 12th – Apr 3rd. Holding seems like the best play right now….if not even just to avoid short term gains.

Pyro Kevin says:

This is like Black Friday

Karla D says:

Great advice 👍

Anand Kumar says:

Another meaningful video. Thanks for being so transparent.

Ari Yonker says:

Great video! When are you going to make another portfolio update?

Lf bt says:

Please keep us posted on what stocks you buy 🙂

Mike McKay says:

Sell now kids. Overdue bear market is finally here.

David Wolf says:

Despite the short term outlook and Berkshire's recent moves, would you say JPM, PNC, Wells Fargo, etc. are too big to fail and thus worth buying on a dip?

John Klawender says:

Fear when others are Greedy. Perhaps last Thursday was a buying opportunity, or perhaps it was a wake-up call. Doesn't it bother anyone of the new investors that Warren Buffett is sitting on the sidelines?

reef1963 says:

Psychic here. Looking at my palms, cards and crystal balls are telling me the stock market going to be much lower 2 years from now. Going mostly short the next couple of years. Yeah, I know. Ignore the news and the problem will go away. NO IT WILL NOT. We are entering the second phase of the ECONOMIC crisis where the fed have very little control over. The federal government have more control over the second phase of financial crisis but they will not be able to do anything because the current president is a total idiot and both parties cannot come to agreement on how aids to be applied. NVDA could moved very hard soon. Very exciting for everyone.

Simple So says:

Dude McDonald’s won’t go down Bcz they are open 24 even even if the virus gets worse. Talk about companies that are already effected and about go through 2nd waves. Future is not looking good to myself and Warren Buffett 😂

Blessings 2You says:

When I start gettin' FOMO, I come 2 Ur POSITIVE channel, watch some vids & get my head straightened out! Works every time! Thnx! ps: where's Ur backwards🧢? I❤️that accessory on U!

Patricio P. says:

What method do you use to determine when a company is undervalued?

Danyal Isran says:

We need to see MSFT in the 130s and AAPL arnd 200. Its way overprice now, who is buying up these stocks.

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