Should You Be Day Trading?

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So, should YOU start day trading? Is day trading risky? And how to start day trading today?

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Pros Of Day Trading: 0:20
Cons Of Day Trading: 3:57
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Let’s spend some time answering those questions and looking through the pros and cons.

So what does it mean to be a “Day Trader?” A day trader simply means that you’re getting in and out of a position within a day, often within minutes. When I’m day trading I’m typically holding positions for 3 minutes to about 20 minutes.

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Markus Heitkoetter says:

What do you think, is day trading for you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Genelyn Malanguis says:

Hi sir markus ive been watching lot of your vedios . Sir markus can you make a vedios how to place a trade in single leg covered call and cash secure put ? .thank you

Rico a says:

Thank you Sir
So a cash account is better?

Xavi Hernandez says:

Great video! I'm still tempted to learn about trading 😂 I know people say 80-90% of people aren't successful and lose money, but a 10-20% success rate is not that bad. Something like 90% of people surely fail at a lot of things – weight loss, quitting smoking, learning an instrument, becoming self employed… We don't tell people never to start a business because a lot of them fail. Trading probably attracts a lot of get rich quick without doing much hard work type of people as there's no barrier to entry, no interview process etc. Then again I may be horribly wrong but I wouldn't bet the house on trades unless it was in the hands of a man I met here on Youtube, a Mr. Carrington. Reach him via (, he also gives the best advice on anything concerning trading.

Lisa Morgan says:

2020 online stock market is just difficult and unbelievable, I rather invest my money on crypto

Audrey Han says:

Makes great sense. This helps me decide to stay out of day trading😜 . Thanks 😊

Andreea Miclea says:

I find these informations very useful. I really appreciate your videos, you are a very good teacher, I discovered you channel this week. I am new to trading, so still trying to figure out what suits me best, it might be both swing and day trading.

Daily Stock Picks says:

Love this video. I liked the video and subscribed to the channel. Great content. Going forward I am going to follow you. Keep it coming.

Can I ask something logical?

Can you point me to a financial trading guru (not scams like Ricky Gutierrez, Timothy Sykes) on the internet who…

1) Share publicly in advance what stocks they will trade?

2) Are 100% transparent about their trading details and share it publicly on daily basis?

3) Have the confidence to declare a profit goal beginning of the year and achieve it?

4) Always follow a consistent trading model religiously in public?

5) Share their entry and exit criteria for each trade?

6) Only let the data talk and not attach a subjective story to explain price changes in the market?

7) Share publicly their running profit & loss numbers on daily, monthly, and annual basis?

I do all of the above on my youtube channel (feel free to check it out). Any one can verify it through the historical daily videos published on my channel since Jan 2 2019. But I am curious if there are other people who do all of the above publically?

Chris S says:

Never use stop loses ever!! And I do just fine….especially Day-trading! You should be sitting there watching your trade! 😉

John Dennis says:

Thanks Markus, good reminders!

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