Should You Buy Or Short Penny Stocks?

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Grab our BLOWOUT sale at and at before prices rise on February 1st, it doesn’t matter if you want to go long or short, but trading does NOT have to stressful where you risk blowing up over and over again like too many gunslingers seem to like to do, trade safe!


Letrell Beasley says:

Long!! Its scary shorting in these market conditions Drys, etrm and many others

bernie davey says:

Great video (Cut Loses Quickly) so so important this is a always number (One) on my mind and your so right penny stocks are a different animal specially when there's volatility and I like to go both ways but for now long because of funds

Mateen Munaf (Lord Maximus) says:

Do you have an API to fetch live feeds to use in my own program ?

Nick Lauer says:

Long, I just think going short is too scary because of the amount you can lose. Hope to work into it.

John Schmidt says:

Economics & psychology is what matters in daytrading fundamentals don't matter in the span of a few mins or an hour

Jacob Quinonez says:

i like going long

Daniel Burnashev says:

I haven't started trading yet but I've been studying nearly a year now, so I don't now yet if I'm gonna prefer to go long or short but I'll find it out soon))

Eddie Zarate says:

Long but just started studying shortstocking DVD. I'll be going both ways soon.

Simon Nicholson says:

LONG. Seems to me much safer for those of us with small accounts, until we have the capital to cover a big short squeeze. This was a high educational content video and very worthwhile. Thanks Tim

Randy Isurda says:

like going "Long".

Aashiq Mohamed says:

Still learning & thanks a lot for this video ?

ty123433 says:

Tim, e trade doest work from the uk. And I don't have enough money to use interactive brokers. What online brokers do you recommend for someone from a uk

Noah Jackson says:

Thanksa lot

Dave Kawatra says:

LONG, champ!

Frank says:

Would prefer short but don't have the money for margin. So i'm going long and doing a terrible job at it

Martin Gavrilov says:

Short and Long, although leaning more to short as most of you top guys are short biased.

xin li says:

still learning from you tim ,thanks for all the videos and dvds.

Phil N (PN) says:

I enjoy your raw blunt videos.

Adrian Mariscal says:

Dammit I'm short tbio because of a double bottom and first red day, but you said don't short tbio

Bradley Lawson says:

long as of now, have only done shorts on paper, account will soon be big enough to begin shorting.

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