Should You Buy Stocks Now or Wait For Stock Market Crash pt.2?

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In this video here we discuss if you should be buying socks during the month of April 2020 or if you should wait to start buying stocks until the summer or so. These should be a helpful video to anyone wanting to invest in the stock market or currently is invested in the stock market. LMK in the comments some stocks to buy or stocks to watch in your opinion. I would love to hear it.

7 Sins of Stock Market Investing to avoid in 2020

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Claud hamilton says:

your dumb April fools lolol hahah no no ok guess that wasn't funny

B1gSt3AK says:

You wanna know what pure greed is Jeremy? Selling a third of your Tesla shares a day after you said youd never sell any… hoping that the stock would go down after and you could turn a profit. And you claim you're not a short term trader…

Nick van der Sangen says:

I love your video's, but can you go back to posting good videos again?
It's only about sh*t we already know, or making the same video all over again in another context, or like 5 videos of top stocks to buy 2020, stocks I'm buying now, stocks to buy in March, top pick dividend stocks, where you discuss mostly the same stocks in every video.

TheGiantfox says:

Everybody in the comments section has a crystal ball. “I knew it”

montana firefighter says:

I feel bad for my dads friends who lost 200k 300k in investments and retirement I feel even worse for life insurance and medical insurance businesses time to invest crypto

lilsexypanda2010 says:

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I hope this is helpful guys 🧡lets stay safe 🔐 🔐

Joseph Beers says:

The lamestream media will provide the NEGATIVITY problem is they have less credibility then Congress.

Joseph Beers says:

I had the goal of 1k per month just before this crash to dollar cost in. This is to much of an opportunity to not up that comment to 1k per week. A lot of the companies will be ok in the long run (I hope) a some will be bailed out. RRR is my long pick and I got some shares at $3 with a total a average of ~$7. I am glad they have 13 months of burn cash. When this is over I will visit Fiesta Henderson. I have about 16 positions. TTD is a bargain. I dumped my marijuana ETF for JETS at $12.53. I am a total noob and this to me is exciting not scary. Maybe I am naive but history says not.

Stephanie Ellison says:

Sorry, I can't watch this – someone enabled Dutch instead of English subtitles. Please fix this and then reply back so that I can come here. Thanks.

periyapudungi review says:

Guys, Should i buy some stocks tommorow or wait for it to go more down ?

Cracka says:

Sorry but there' no way businesses reopen in 45 days .

James Atlas says:

well wasnt at your channel 6 months ago 🙁

Cracker Crumbs says:

Buy now sir!

BosonCollider says:

Shorting commercial satellite operators on the other hand has gone great. I was doing it because SpaceX would disrupt the market with Starlink and betting against Elon is always a bad idea, but the nice thing about these kinds of shorts is that they also hedge you against market falls. = )

Jon Vinyl says:


Mark Barlescu says:

Serious question. Is it a good idea to take money out of my line of credit to invest right now? I don’t really any bills to pay for each month , aside from my phone bill lol and I still have my full time job. My line of credit is 50k. Are we okay to take it all out and invest????!!!

Stephen Kowalski says:

Lots of comments out there about things getting worse, and we all expect them to. Now I remember March/ April of 2009, things were getting worse, but the market was rising and rising fast. People and nearly every Yahoo article screamed dead cat bounce! Just remember that. One day it will seem to be getting worse and if you wait to long enough you will miss the boat. We had a bottom, we had a little rally, now things are cooling off again. Second chance. Will you sit on the sidelines continuously waiting for lower?

Stephen Kowalski says:

I've sometimes bought stocks at the bottom, many times I did, I got Apple last year at $143. Other stocks as well, however I often sold too early. I sold Apple in 2019 at $227, during this massive sell of the lowest Apple has dipped was $219. So, stocks like that are still amazingly high. I also bought Tesla at $180 when everyone said it was going under in 2019, unfortunately again. I sold those shares at $250….and the lowest now Tesla dipped was $350.

Urs K says:

What is the website where he gets the financial data aggregated to make the screenshots from?

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