Should you Day Trade or Invest in Stocks? Day Trading vs Long Term Investing

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1:08 Day Trading vs Investing Long Term
2:53 Valuation of stock assets
5:50 Leveraged buying power, margin trading
8:38 Day Trading vs Investing taxes

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Day Trading and Investing in the Stock Market are two very different practices that simply cannot be compared side by side. Below are the KEY differences:
1. Holding period
2. The way you see the stocks
3. Leveraged Buying Power
4. Risk of day trading vs Investing
5. Day Trading is a business and taxed like employment income.

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How much Money do Day Traders make?

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Learning Wisdom says:

Best video I've seen explaining this topic.

Sean Coleman says:

How can u learn how to say trade

Junaid Ashrafi says:

Day trading need very much practice….today I take 3 trade 2 win 1 loss

Junaid Ashrafi says:

From India 🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️❤️

Suraj Katwal says:

Your explanation is one of the most interesting to Listen to out there…. keep it up…

Kid_DC1 says:

she is so beautiful omg

Boreneo man says:

you can have margin call on day trading.. can you also have margin call on investing ?

ka r says:

I won't day trade yet

ka r says:

Thank you so much!

Adam Richardson says:

Girl with rich parents from China making youtube videos. Enough said!!

Brian DeCroce says:

I love your videos and how you present the facts!! 🧨

David says:

"Sheeeeeiiiit" 😭😂

Hemza Zabouche says:

I like your charisma. You are full of energy

Bret Feeney says:

You are very beautiful and I love your accent. I like to invest and also week trade or month trade.

abhishek shah says:

Day Traders ?
Step 1:
Start with 1000$
Lose them all
Learn from mistakes and move on

Repeat Step 1 10 Times atleast
Now you are one step ahead then 75% people out there

David S. says:

Raining lambos sounds really scary, imagine if one hits you

Timeless says:

I like to hit my swing target and then sell only my original investment sometimes, hold the remainder . Depends on the stock .

Coming Up says:

Your videos are brilliant! and an extra thank you as you have made me come into terms with my accent after seeing you speak English so confidently as I start doing youtube!

Matt Mulvihill says:

I am a longterm investor, but I think you make a good argument for day trading. I am still sticking to my roots, but this video provides wonderful input for those unsure about what the difference is.

John Doe says:

How about I do both ! Edit: I prefer swing trades over day trades, I get too stressed out daytrading.

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