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Should you be afraid of a stock market crash? What should you do in a bear market when the stock market crashes. Many people have substantial doubts about the stock market and whether or not we will see a stock market crash in 2017 or a stock market crash in 2018. If we see a stock market recession, there are a number of things you can do to protect your money. In this stock market crash course we will be talking about how you can prepare for a stock market crash and survive a bear market.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.


Ryan Scribner says:


badass1g says:

Great video!

Alexandre Mongeon says:

Great video Ryan, keep up the good work!

Jeryd Noblett says:

Thanks for the clarification Ryan. Enjoyed the quick and easy video

Chip Wright says:

That's really interesting! I would have guessed that the losses in a bear market would have been similar to the gains in a bull market. Knowing that makes it easier to not be so paranoid about a market correction. When you were making the comparison of getting the flu it reminded me of that show Monk where Adrian Monk was so paranoid about getting dirty that he could hardly function.

99jaydenz says:

i agree with most of it, definitely timing the market is a bad idea. but i wouldn't say "risk aversion" is a losing strategy. all rational investors are risk averse, hence why shares have risk premiums so you can be compensated. perhaps those who are too scared need to reevaluate their risk preferences and have a higher weighting in bonds. good video

JKRhodes94 says:

People have been saying for months there will be a correction anytime, no point waiting as it might be here for years!

stock market channel

Harvey Cotton says:

"Don't be like most people.' Wisdom for investing…and for life.

James Crane says:

to say your friend missed out on a bull market is Monday Morning quarterbacking. He went to cash and did not lose money and maybe that is what he needed emotionally. Everything is not measured in money. To say loses hurt more than gains feel good is again a matter of conditioning. The people that make the money in the market have two things they accept. One they are going to be wrong sometimes and two they are diversified in their thinking and their strategy. Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours

Bryan Geonzon says:

It' all depends on how your position your self within that trade.
1) I make money
2) I own most of the the company shares.

When I buy stocks in a companies there are usually only 2 outcomes.
EX I wanted to invest A total of $10,000 into "XYZ" the price of the company IMO is over valued at $100 a share. What I do is i put in a small position between 1%-5% if the ($100-$500)
Now 2 thing's can happen.
1) The company goes up in value lets say $110 now the share I had gain value (no problem here this is what everyone WANTS)
2) The company goes down in value let say $50 (-50% loss) most freak out at this point well for me at this point now I increase my position size another 5% of ($99-$495)

Assuming I spent the full 5% each trade. I now have 5 shares @ $100 each AND now 9.9 shares @ $50

I now have more share (~15 shares using only $1000) than when what I would have had if i spent that whole $1,000 @ $100 a share and only gotten 10 shares. I usually incress position sizes at Fibonacci level or institution targets. That way if a company losses 99% of its value at this point I'll end up spending the around 95% of that 10k.

and if it find's it's way to go even lower 0.001 shares I'll STILL have money from my original risk capital(the $10k) to put into the company I'll still have $500 left to invest in that company so another 5% (buy 25,000 shares at .001)

Always look at investments as %s because $# amounts will fuck with your head. (This is one of my strategies obviously everyone has different risk profiles.)

So far I have yet to own a single company so…

Kalos Sam says:

Lol you actually can tell if you're going to get the flu.

Jasen Wunder says:

Thank you for simplifying the market and some techniques. I use Robinhood, like you, but should you have multiple trading platforms?

Nick Howell says:

Thanks for the stats!

Cyberworld 7 says:

Great Video it seem like your making your video shorter and shorter

Gumardee coins and banknotes says:

Still make $60,000, that is a win win.

Tim Z says:

I wonder how accurate those overally stock numbers are? I have heard they may not include stocks which went to 0 and no longer exist. That would negate some on the advantage of staying in overall.

Freddie Butler says:

I believe what your friend should did was kept maybe 15 thousand in cash in the market, and when there's blood on the streets. Buy-Back everything at a lower cost

Michael Duke says:

The stock market is not for those that use emotions to navigate.

Larivari says:

I'm actually waiting for the crash because then it's shopping time!!!

The Way Of The View says:


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