Should You Sell Your Stocks? | Q3 2017 Market Outlook

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This video looks at market investment conditions as of July 2017 including market valuations, economic trends and the market internals such as the level of fear and greed. Based on that analysis we determine the risk of market sell-off and whether investors consider reducing their stock exposure.

The video also explains what are Purchasing Manager Indices (PMI) and how they are helpful in determining the direction of the economy.

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Dominic Orlando says:

I like the new natural yard background. Also, great video series. I hope you enjoy making them; they're enjoyable to watch. thanks for all the helpful information.

John Sterk says:

Thank you for your help really appreciate it!! You are a very effective speaker! Good job

Alla Kireeva says:

This is something I needed to hear to keep my confidence. It is hard to stick with your investment plan long term when everyone around wants to scream panic, so thank you.

Andrew Lam says:

Thanks for the video. Informative as always and your podcast is something I look forward to on the drive home. Cheers!

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