Should You Start Day Trading Stocks With $5,000? (FOR BEGINNERS)

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Here is a video recapping my day and covering how much money you need to start trading in the stock market successfully!

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adnanrizvi87 says:

When you say you trade with the member live everyday, does it mean they can see you making entries? I know one should not follow anyone in trading just want to know before i join, i want to know when you say watch me trade live, what does it mean?? Thanks

Jairo Flores says:

Thumbs up ricky….I'm gonna sign up for your course this coming week…hopefully down the road i can meet you in person. Great work man!!!

nikonxxx says:

Who was your mentor ricky

othercousin says:

Love learning from you. But this comment is about your swimming pool. Ewww! I'm a pool company owner. I can fix that for you. You need a better pool guy or more frequent visits if you have a lot of regular swimmers. Contact me with some specifics and I can tell you how to make it always be ready to swim. No charge in return for the help you give on your videos. Once you know the secrets and consistency required it only takes about 10 -20 minutes per day even for a heavily used pool. 20-30 minutes once a week for the average used pool. I don't want to see that green pool in one more video! lol

Corbin H. says:

Now make a video when your drunk

Trevor says:

Growing up I was always told by people that I was super patient and I agreed with them and took pride in that.

Then I started trading in the stock market (paper trading) and learned really quick that I was not as patient as I thought. That was quite a shock! Lol

Will Smith says:

Thanks for consistently posting great videos, All you do is bring value, positivity and motivation into my life bro.

Ive grown my account by 15% this month, You’ve played a huge roll in that

Wasim Al Imam says:

How the money works hard for me, that sounds stupid, u need to learn how to focus as you sounds so distracted…

Lolz says:

Interesting little setup I got into to avoid the pattern day trading violation. 3 day trades per 5 business cycle so what I do is I do one day Trade on Monday, one Tuesday, and one Wednesday and stop as that is my 3 allowed per 5 business days. I then SWING TRADE by open a position on Thursday and sell that position on FRIDAY the NEXT DAY as that is not considered a day trade but a swing trade.. this allows me to day trade 3 times per week and get one swing trade in per week! I love it.. I think if a lot of new investors understood how to manage their trades and stick with it they wouldn't be so confused/frustrated with the PDT Rule…. for me 3 day trades and one swing trade a week allows me 4 trades per week without breaking any rules and I can focus more on those 4 trades which is key to not over trade as a new investor….. it is working really well for me I'm going to stick with the routine I got going πŸ™‚

Mike says:

Love how you keep preaching the really important key elements for success in trading, and in general.

Nick Chavez says:

Great info Ricky

firelord9000 says:

yo yo yo ricky my guy yo yo your pants are ripped!!!!!

Justin H says:

That was some good advice. Also your pants are ripped πŸ‘Œ

Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos says:

Great video!

Okayman says:

Did you sell when you were down or did you keep it so you wouldn't take the loss?

oh yeah yeah says:

I started trading 2 months ago, at the start I was having big red days but after trading for a bit longer and using some good strategies I havent had a red day since, I only trade in stocks that I know will make me money

Emmett Brewer says:

Have you used Webull before?

MetalBreakdown says:

Hi Ricky, would you consider that 5k is enough to start investing? Love your vids, keep inspiring us!!!

S Performance says:

we need to learn hox to trade but when l'm good so i can make lots of money???

Jailan Rayvon says:

The stock market taught me so many lessons about money

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