Should you Trade the FTSE 100 or the DAX 30? πŸ”‘

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β˜… Should you trade the FTSE 100 or the DAX?
β˜… Trade FTSE or DAX at InterTrader
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You decided you want to trade the European indices; maybe it suits the time you have available or you like the way they move..etc But you see a lot of people trading the FTSE 100 and plenty of others concentrating on the DAX 30. Which one should you trade? Both are based on big economies – the FTSE 100 lists the biggest 100 listed companies in the UK while the DAX 30 lists the biggest listed 30 companies in Germany.


InterTrader will allow you to trade the FTSE and the DAX from 1pt spread which is quite good. Between 8 o’clock and 4.30pm when the cash market is open the spread will remain 1pt. After 4.30pm to 9pm UK time the spread goes slightly wider to 2pts. After 9pm the spread goes up to 4pts. Margin is 0.5% which means you can even trade with a smaller account. At the moment the average true range for the FTSE is about 60 points. I think the FTSE is less volatile and more steady than the DAX but spreads are very similar.

From 7am till 8am InterTrader will offer the Dax at 2pts spread. After 8am the DAX 30 will be quoted at just 1 point spread. The Dax goes to 5pts spread after hours. If you’re day trading between 8am and 4.30 pm the bid-offer spread offered at 1pt is very competitive. Margin is again 0.5% which means you can even trade with a smaller account. Currently the daily range for the DAX is about 150 points. Dax can be a very volatile instrument and it be quite brutal. If you like action and spikes coming out of nowhere then the DAX is for you.


Duc Trung Phan says:

My own experience from trading both FTSE and DAX is that to counter the much higher volatile DAX you need to bet smaller size (say Β£10 per point for FTSE and Β£4 per point for DAX) and put a wider stop loss (say 20 points for FTSE and 50 points for DAX). As such you cap the same downside per trade when trading either DAX or FTSE. That's my two cents! Good luck!

zhanezar says:

true DAX can serious kill if you are not careful , but flip side you can do really well. I prefer DAX as its something i understand better than FTSE . i ll need to look and learn the FTSE as my heart rate cant always take the DAX moves πŸ™‚ .

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