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A lot of people have been asking me what resource they should use to help introduce Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their friends & family.

Typically, my response has been to suggest they go watch Aantonop on YouTube. But this can be overwhelming with the more videos that Andreas uploads on his channel. I think recommending certain books might be a little overwhelming for people too.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have found a resource that I’d be happy to share with anyone who wants to learn about Bitcoin. It’s an article written by Vijay Boyapati called “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin”.

In this video, I give a quick summary of what the article is all about.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Louis Thomas says:

Link to the "Bullish Case for Bitcoin" article:

Stefan Bley says:

As for scarcity, isn't A+ for Bitcoin a bit overrated, given it can be "multiplied" by hard-forking?

paul lunney says:

i think world crypto news are good too to be fair

Luigi Bigtime says:

Sending this to mom

David Kasman says:

Great subject, but perhaps it's not a good idea to try to persuade Bitcoin skeptics? I don't keep it a secret from close friends and family that I have "a little" Bitcoin, but I don't want to feel partly responsible if they make an investment and it doesn't go well. Furthermore, the Bitcoin market is not for everyone. It is extraordinarily volatile by traditional standards. Sure, I'll answer their questions when they ask, but I have no desire to convince them anything about Bitcoin's uncertain future.

Nadal Adams says:

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Richard Heart says:

Bitcoin Core currently airdrops 5000 Bitcoin (BTC)

James Winsoar says:

Why try to convince people? Leave them to their dead end jobs.

carolina zu says:

great endng jaja

kokolorenz says:

Nice video, but unfortunately Bitcoin's biggest problem not even mentioned: The insane mining energy consumption! – Currently more than Switzerland! And as the price rises, the consumption will rise the same way. Bitcoin will get a lot of enemies from environment protectors! There must be a change soon. -> P.O.S.? I'm really worried about Bitcoin's future…..

Justin Declan says:

your video was very informative ,but the question is have you mined with Mr Arron mining strategy and trends to see how profitable it works? for me with just little contract i can mine higher amount of Bitcoins within a short time with the help of Mr Arron mining strategy and trends. So i recommend you contact him for more details(

Max Omnicast says:

Awesome article. Away with those bears ; )

Ian Watkins says:

Where is the link to the article?

Crypto Tropico says:

Thank you!!! Loved it. Already passed it to a few friends and skeptic relatives. Is it translated to any other languages already? If not, I could contribute to a Spanish translation.

Shane Warren says:

I achieved a great understanding of the context for cryptocurrencies (not just ADA) from this presentation by Charles Hoskinson. Wanted to share.

J J says:

Why do you guys STILL (like Louis) still get all excited over Blockchain? It's just a process of records encrypted. What's there to get excited about? It's done. It's a process. If it's implemented fully, everywhere, who gives a toss? It won't feed the world, or cure cancer. It's just an encrypted ledger FFS!! How excited do you get AND want to invest in, IF I, took an image file, compressed it, encrypted it and sent it to you via email, and gave you the password to open it up at your end?? Want to build a speculative Financial Industry around that? No! Why? There's nothing there but a boring process, there's no fanfare needed, it's worth nothing the more it's used. Stop the BS pump up propaganda about Blockchain. It's been around forever now. It isn't special. It's not new. Cut the BS.

And if you are telling Friends and Relatives to get involved in the greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme (Crypto) the world has ever seen you're (A) A moron (B) Negligent in your respect for your Friends & Relatives and (C) Ill-informed about the fleeting scam that is Crypto.

Are you going to guarantee, back and refund the losses to Friends and Relatives when this Crypto Scam comes crashing down? Of course you won't. Keep your stupidity and recklessness to yourselves and don't pull Friends and Family into this unregulated, complicated, suspect, decentralized, corrupt, fleeting scam that is Crypto. This video, if you think about it, only highlights how horrible it would be to inflict this on Friends and Relatives. Bitcoin is old now. It is no longer cutting edge technology. It's hard to use. The Dark Web loves it. The rest of the world thinks Crypto is for Millennials living in their parent's basement. And when all the established bricks and mortar Banks and institutions fully adopt Blockchain processes for themselves and make the process everyday and basically valueless, you foolish people will think, why the heck did I think a transaction process was going to change the world greatly, or if at all?
Why did I think that some suspect individuals inventing a fake, complicated currency was really going to take over the world? Gee I was dumb when I was younger!

Psst Crypto 'Experts': You do not know more than older, wiser financial heads, just because YOU stumbled on something that wiser, older heads have already dismissed.

Smarten up Louis, these videos are going to make you look a dick in years to come. The Crypto Markets are lucky to be at the levels they are now, which is half what they were in Dec 2017.
Crypto has no value. Price-wise or technology wise.

And if you are going to come at me and call me a Troll and say stupid shit like 'HODL' , then tell me why people have jumped out of Crypto and left the Market on life support? I don't want to hear your blind belief system just because you are a 22 years old, or your unproven zealot like rants on Crypto's invented positives….because there aren't any! Tell me why the world has overlooked Crypto, doesn't want to use it IN ANY GREAT NUMBERS IN EVERYDAY LIFE and tell me why it will be worth anything in the future because the world starts using it. (And the world and countries WILL NOT adopt widespread Crypto Currencies….and the US Dollar will not collapse)

It's tiresome to see and hear Louis and other CryptoTubers spitting out the same worthless, garbage couple of phrases and power words all the time like a Crypto drone and therefore misleading individuals. Please do not rope in Friends and Family into a financial scam that will only make them poorer and eventually pull families apart.

Don't share stupidity.

Ben Black says:

What do you think of Zebi, Louis?

Covesting - Best Crypto Copy Trading Platform says:

Bitcoin is magic internet money

Logof & Variedades says:

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Al Jenkins says:

I am concerned about the huge amount of electricity used to mine coins and the power used to run a blockchain. Can you or subscribers shed some light on the his issue.

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