Signs Of Market Top: Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market Crash, Why Markets Are Dropping

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Viktor E says:

What is your time perspective on this reversal? When will the downhill Journey begin?

Oliver Reiche says:

Amazing video 🙂

spazy smalls says:

leave a nasty ccomment any time you like, LOL i love your vids dude

AjaxBeta says:

Hey Leo, saw some pretty similar (bearish) divergences on IBM and NFLX when comparing price to rsi, both report on tuesday, I’m bearish on those two going into earnings, what are your thoughts on them?

Vijay R says:

You told market will drop, it’s going higher today. You told buy puts all stocks up.

coolman673 says:

Leo, do you think AZO is a good short here?

King Ozzy says:

What the heck are those dots? What do they signify? Thanks as always

Ruben Garcia says:

Great video Leo… I was making like $900 profit today but the last half hour kill me. $QQQ went up after 3:15pm grrrrr.. well at the end I got $450 profit. Not bad for my $1,800 account. Why is going so high the market today at the end???????

Liam Hennessy says:

Personally have been buying APR 26 $190 AAPLp (not a reccomendation for anyone to buy as well) just my opinon of the next market move,

tim skolar says:

what song is that intro?

Jace Carter says:

Hey Leo! I’ve been following you for awhile, love the content. Wondering how do I sign up for the vip alert system? Do you require to take the courses first and if so, how much is it to subscribe to the alerts? Thanks!

JustinHit says:

I made 3000$ on WDAY calls today. Thanks!!!! I can buy your course and give it to someone that wants to lose money!

jay N says:

what are your thoughts on netflix

Mario Smack says:

what's a good price to short Apple? and What's your target price?

Foto Guy says:

Thank You Leo. for helping me. You have PUT food on my table and helped me personally, by creating this video at the Proper Time. which was on 4-9-2019 in time for me to take action.
Because of You I can and will be able to financially help my aged mother. Leo I will be Joining your training within a few weeks as well. Everything You Presented here is "Fact based Evidence" to be BEARISH !!!! LEO my Friend Thank YOU for SHARING once Again.

Robert Farrell says:

Leo, the more you keep putting out these videos, the more interested I become. I will admit, I was skeptical when I saw the first couple of videos. Yes, the course price seems high but you nailed it at the end. The problem I have like most is having $3000 to purchase the course. Which is why I have subscribed to this channel and clicked the bell. If right now learning from these videos is a stepping stone to trade options and build my account until I get to $3000 that is what I am going to do. Thanks Leo, looking forward to joining the group in the near future.

Tim R says:

Ive been eyeing the tops as well. Afraid to get in too early though. I can see the moves, but I still struggle with the timing. Thanks for the video

Tamba Niare says:

What do you think about CMG chart

idek why says:

It's official. Buying Long Puts tomorrow

michael cariaga says:

Awesome stuff

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