Signs Of The Economic Collapse America 2017 Stock MARKET CRASH!

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pirateoutlaw says:

Where is the proof of all these Russian hacks? common man, really?you lost me at hello

Roy Corlett says:

The collapse happens every month but never happens

Muncher Dogshiz says:

You don't have to put 27 ads in your videos!

Lillian Ballard says:

Before we loose our connections,I just want to say that I have enjoyed y'all and learned so much. from all. Thank you. Russia is acting like a child that wants to play too,but the nice kids will not let the bully in..

Bodrul Khan says:

Cant u jus blame the Muslims and invade another country and steel their natural resources

Naimah Salahuddin says:

The collapse is happening in gradual stages right before our eyes, and most people can't see it.

matriks fr says:

Thank you for saying leaders and not countries. The majority of people(pathetic sheep hooked on radio waves)are just along for the ride over the cliff.

Ivan Burke says:

retail sales are down everything down!!! that because they are buying everything in the fucking market!!!!! while we listen to this a hole and lose our shirts

Shlovaski says:

you guys have been saying this since 2013. i use to believe it not anymore. you cant keep crying wolf and expect people to still believe this biased info.

Shawn Burr says:

the fed didn't signal anything, not sure where you're getting your info from.

ss says:

Economic collapse means precious metals crash?

Michael Alpine says:

When will it fucking collapse already?!

Old Windsor says:

So what economic collapse? Stale news

Amirul Islam says:

I been hearing this for long time now..

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