Simple steps to find the best option trading strategies for NIFTY

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Visit for Option Strategy Builder
This option strategies cheat sheet can help you to find best option for trading. This video is a Options Strategies Quick Guide for beginner
Here you can find the best option strategy which can optimize your risk adjusted returns as per your trade view.


B.V. Sastry says:

Good video and good calculator. It will be great if you can add the provision for cross calendar strategy and the scrip and the real time or eod premium to auto populate.

K Srinivas says:

selling puts or calls require significant amount as compared to buying put and calls.

S Nagarajan says:

Sir Your presentation is very good..It seems lot of work has gone in developing these strategies and I am sure, you will be able to become more innovative. Keep up the good job…

Bhavani Prabu says:

Murugan sir
Thanks for the video
Will use it for my strategy regularly
I appreciate your remarkable efforts in making our trading discreet

Pramod Pillai says:

Great stuff Murgan.
Appreciate yours and your teams effort for the brilliant work.
Keep up the good work.
I watched some more of your videos. Subscribed to your channel.

Lingasamy Moorthy says:

very good keep it up

Rahul Solanki says:

Make a video in Hindi language please

Rupam paul says:

Sir please make a video about how to set the opening price of a stock by exchange ???

Biswajit Das says:

its difficult to understand
can you explain more please

Abhijit Sen says:

Liked your video. The tool you described is helpful.

saral Kumar Dey says:

very useful and simle analysis. Many more to help understand option especially probability of success for a trade position and option pricing.

Ramakrishnan Kakkamalan says:

I have attended classes on option strategy. It was good and educative. When it comes to decision making in day to day trading, it is not that simple. In that respect this video is simple and user friendly. I like this.

Manoj Yadav says:

Sir ji please comment in hindi also it will be much helpfull

Khiru Singh says:

Murugan Ji its a Good Video only flaw is you need to control your speed when you are speaking as slow speed will help the listener to get sunked in the concept you are providing rest all is ok

Vikas Kumar says:

Sir your video is so educational and easy to understand.
Sir plz make video of fundamental analysis , stock closing, technical analysis.
Thank u
This video made my day

Laljibhai Variya says:


Umesh Mishra says:

one of the top quality content w.r.t to value and knowledge — keep posting sir..thank you

amit srivastava says:

bank nifty option call or put buy strategy in hindi viido bhi daliye

Vijay More says:

Very well explained thank u for sharing ur thoughts

Farooq Shaikh says:

Sir, nice video.I watched all your video and appreciate your sincere effort to educate us.Will you please upload hedging strategy for stocks.

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